The Philippines – Crucible of Empire

The Philippines has for centuries sat at the crossroads of foreign empires, serving as the gateway to the Pacific for the Moro, Spanish, American, and Japanese empires. As President Duterte considers aligning his country with the Chinese while leaving the relationship open to the Americans in the 21st century, we look back at the forces that shaped the Philippines in the 20th, starting with America’s invasion of the islands to displace the Spanish.

The Myth of the 20th Century – Ep05 – The Philippines – Crucible of Empire


– 1897- Theodore Roosevelt becomes Assistant Secretary of the Navy
– 1898, February- USS Maine blown up
– 1898, April- US declares war on Spain
– 1898, May- Dewey destroys Spanish fleet in Manila Bay, troops land in Cuba, Battle of San Juan Hill
– 1898, December- Treaty of Paris
– 1899- Insurgency begins in the Philippines
– 1901- McKinley shot by anarchist, Theodore Roosevelt assumes presidency
– 1902- Insurgency ends, Philippines given semi-autonomy
– 1899-1913: Moro Rebellion
– 1935- Commonwealth status granted
– 1941-44- Japanese occupation
– 1944- Battle of Leyte Gulf, Americans rout occupying Japanese forces
– 1946- Treaty of Manila, Philippines becomes independent of the US
– 1965-86 – Ferdinand Marcos rules
– 2016- Rodrigo Duterte wins presidency


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    Great podcast, thanks for the talk.

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