Propaganda – Myth and Mystery

Propaganda: the message communicated to achieve a political agenda, often by misinformation and misdirection. Taught in American high schools as something the enemy does or only used during great wars of distant past – today we re-examine the extent to which propaganda permeates American society to this day, and it really means to be ruled by decree, versus by (manufactured) consent.

— References —

– Democracy in America, Tocqueville (1835)
– Culture of Critique, MacDonald (1998)
– Century of the Self, Curtis (2002)
– Nudge, Sunstein and Thaler (2009)
– The Righteous Mind, Haidt (2013)
– Is It Propaganda Or Not? (2016) –
– Edward Bernays –
– Sigmund Freud –


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  1. nickbsteves says:

    I discovered Bernays here, back when I was actually blogging (and not just blogging about other blogs)… It was one of my best and a major discovery for me

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  2. nickbsteves says:

    BTW, Bernays’ Propaganda is available in pdf (for free) here:

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