Propaganda – Myth and Mystery

Propaganda: the message communicated to achieve a political agenda, often by misinformation and misdirection. Taught in American high schools as something the enemy does or only used during great wars of distant past – today we re-examine the extent to which propaganda permeates American society to this day, and it really means to be ruled by decree, versus by (manufactured) consent.

The Myth of the 20th Century – Ep16 – Propaganda – Myth and Mystery

— References —

– Democracy in America, Tocqueville (1835)
– Culture of Critique, MacDonald (1998)
– Century of the Self, Curtis (2002)
– Nudge, Sunstein and Thaler (2009)
– The Righteous Mind, Haidt (2013)
– Is It Propaganda Or Not? (2016) –
– Edward Bernays –
– Sigmund Freud –

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  1. nickbsteves says:

    I discovered Bernays here, back when I was actually blogging (and not just blogging about other blogs)… It was one of my best and a major discovery for me

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  2. nickbsteves says:

    BTW, Bernays’ Propaganda is available in pdf (for free) here:

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