Saddam Hussein – Legacy of Violence

The Myth of the 20th Century – Ep36 – Saddam Hussein – Legacy of Violence

— Timeline —

1901 – oil development begins in Iraq under Ottoman and British guidance
1915-1917 – Sykes-Picot Agreement, dividing the Middle East under British and French rule
1937 – Saddam Hussein born Tikrit, Iraq
1941 – Saddam’s uncle adopts him
1945 – World War II ends.
1958 – Baathist coup by army officers lead by Abd al-Karim Qasim against King Faisal of the Hashemite House
1959 – Saddam attempts to assassinate General Qasim with his commrades, but ultimately fails and goes on the run
1963 – coup against Qassim launched by Baathist partisans and military dissidents. Saddam returns to Iraq and begins using CIA resources to execute and torture Communist partisans in Baghdad.
1963 – A quasi bloodless coup removing Baathist officers is undertaken by General Arif.
1964 – Saddam imprisoned
1964 – Iraq National Oil Company (INOC) formed with Iraqi state backing after the ousting of pro-Soviet elements from the Baghdad government
1966 – Saddam escapes prison
1968 – bloodless coup launched by Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr & Saddam removing Abdul Rahman Arif. Saddam becomes deputy president after some time in shadows settling scores (e.g., shooting lawyer who had refused to release party funds to him earlier)
1979 – Saddam assumes full control of Iraq by declaring himself President, followed by a series of purges to eliminate dissent in the Baathist Regime
1979 – The Iranian Revolution is undertaken against US allies in the Islamic Republic of Iran by Shia fundamentalists.
1980-1988 – The Iran-Iraq War
1990 – The Oil Shock of 1990 nearly doubles oil prices as a result of disruption from the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait
1990-1991 – The Gulf War is fought between Iraq and an international coalition led by the USA, leading to Iraqi forces being expelled from Kuwait after a month long air campaign and 100 hour ground operation
2003 – US President George W. Bush leads a small coalition of forces to fully invade Iraq
2003 – Saddam Hussein is found alive in a spider-hole near the city of Tikrit
2006 – Saddam Hussein is executed after being found guilty of crimes against humanity by a special court in Iraq

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