Bush v. Gore – Recount

The 2000 US Presidential Election was notable for its relatively lackluster set of key issues surrounding tax cuts and social security reform. The events afterwards, however, were anything but insubstantial, as America plunged headlong into its War on Terror during the Bush Administration, raising questions regarding how Al Gore may have responded differently to 9/11. But the election itself, having been won by an extremely thin margin and triggering a Florida recount where voting irregularities were discovered, became one of the most hotly contested in US history. In the words of the movie ‘Recount’, reflecting upon their loss, Democratic strategists contemplate the seemingly mundane events that substantially influenced history: “Ralph Nader should have had his head out of his ass, Elian Gonzalez should have never left Miami, Gore should have campaigned with Clinton, and Clinton should have gotten caught getting a blow job by Sharon Stone instead of Monica Lewinsky because his approval ratings would have shot through the roof, Katherine Harris should have thought twice about purging 20k voters from the rolls, and George Bush Jr. should have never quit drinking.. but the real question is would the Supreme Court have ruled the same way if Bush had called for a recount?”

The Myth of the 20th Century – Ep45 – Bush v. Gore – Recount

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