LA Riots – Racial Powderkeg

Los Angeles has had a history of race riots since the 1940s. James LaFond joins to discuss the implications for America’s second largest city and the country as a whole in this week’s episode..


The Myth of the 20th Century – Ep57 – LA Riots – Racial Powderkeg

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— Timeline —

– 1943 – Zoot Suit Riots
– 1965 – Watts Riots
– 1965 – Hart-Cellar Act, Korean immigration increases to Los Angeles
– 1991, March 3 – Rodney King beaten, arrested by LAPD after high speed chase
– 1991, March 16 – Latasha Harlin shot by Soon Da Joon
– 1992, April 29 – police officers acquitted of King beatings
– 1992, April 29 – May 4 – Los Angeles riots, estimated 63 people killed and over $1 billion in property damage

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  1. platawn says:

    Great show as usual and always great to have James Lafond on; but for once there was a chink in James’ encyclopedic armor. The quote from the Orthodox nun that Adam was reading at about 57’30 was referring St. John Chrysostom ( 4th c. AD ) not Dio Chrysostom ( 1/2nd c. AD ). Chrysostom was a Greek term meaning “golden mouth” ( several eloquent figures from antiquity shared the sobriquet ). And St. John Chrysostom, as Archbishop of Constantinople, and someone opposed to the gladiatorial games of his day, was not likely to have written an encomium on boxing.


    1. Adam Smith says:

      Thanks for clarifying.


  2. Mason S says:

    This one was prophetic. I didn’t realize Rodney King and George Floyd were the same person lol Sometimes these old episodes baffle me because you guys sound like you’re speaking in 2020 or beyond. Not that the current year matters other than in regards to significant events that are watershed moments. Post-2020 riots is when it became obvious to everyone that we’ve been duped into buying the equality shit for a century. The greatest myth. If someone can’t see that after what occurred in summer of 2020, and can’t realize the media and government are trying to eliminate every trace of whiteness they can, then they are a lost cause. It’s liberating to realize that both American parties are liberal and anti white. The GOP simply drags its feet. The left wants to extinguish all white culture, while the so-called right wants to do it slowly and quietly. You have to be a fool not to see who is beyond this global trend for the last two centuries. Took me too long to realize for myself.


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