Ryan Dawson – War by Deception and the Origins of Israel

Working as an investigative journalist and activist for close to 20 years, Ryan Dawson has been interviewed on a multitude of major media outlets such as Russia Today and MSNBC. Ryan’s work includes documentaries such as ‘The Empire Unmasked’ and books ‘Welcome to the USSA’ and ’The Separation of Business and State’. Today Ryan joins us for a wide ranging talk including the Zionist role in Israel and America, Donald Trump, the migrant crisis in Europe, and the use of never ending war as an intentional strategy of destabilization. It’s a discussion we think you won’t want to miss.


The Myth of the 20th Century – Ep63 – Ryan Dawson – War by Deception and the Origins of Israel

— References —

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  1. Mason Stevens says:

    Eh, i made it to about eleven minutes before the guest got too annoying. Just my opinion.


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