Hanoi’s War – Vietnam and the Struggle for Independence

Vietnam’s history as a people and culture dates back thousands of years. But as an independent nation in modern history, the country is very young. After centuries of foreign occupation ranging from the Chinese, Japanese, French, and finally the Americans, in 1975 the Vietnamese nation came into its current form. After going through colonialism, the Second World War, and a conflict that pitted the military backing of two superpowers on its soil and the loss of millions of its citizens, the battle for independence was a long struggle. Today we speak with the granddaughter of a former colonel in the North Vietnamese army about the conflict, why it happened, and its consequences to this day.

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The Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 90 – Hanoi’s War – Vietnam and the Struggle for Independence

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– Music by ‘Vietnam 2010 | Parade: 1000 Years Thang long – Ha Noi | Created by Sairagon 1988’ – https://youtu.be/WnuuLeDHORA

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