Industrialized Agriculture and its Consequences – Mischa Popoff

Agriculture is without question foundational to civilization. It makes possible the surplus of food – and time – necessary for large populations to congregate and develop in areas such as industry, art, science and culture. As the global population has swelled to over 7 billion, the advances in agricultural production has both enabled and bound humanity to its continuation. The challenges posed by industrial agricultural sustainability in particular are most pressing, as well as the fragility of the hyper efficient logistics network and the cultural and religious implications of separating the vast numbers of people from the land and handing over the control to mega-corporations, governments and mechanized automation.

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Very special guest Mischa Popoff


The Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 101 – Industrialized Agriculture and its Consequences – Mischa Popoff

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  1. Idiot says:

    Apologies for being a pedant, but there are exceptions to Mischa domestication point: Ferrets were domesticated within history with estimates being within the last 3000 years. However they are not very domesticated as we would see it as they retain weird habits like stealing, war dances, very painful love bites and play, and showing off: a friend of mine had a ferret who stole spatulas. This cute ferret wants its owner in contact with its kits

    More notable would be the siberian fox domestication program undertaken by the Soviets with the express purpose to record the domestication process rather than to get productive results.


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