Civil War II – America Unraveling – John Mark

America is dead. Long live America. What do you do when you wake up to discover that the country you grew up in has slowly, quietly, but steadily been taken away from you? The process of demographic and economic change in the United States has been underway for the better part of a century, yet the consequences of minority-majority status and the demolition of middle class jobs and communities has begun to force the hand of the great American middle. How the country unravels is uncertain, but the die has been cast, and in the view of John Mark, who joins us tonight to discuss how a breakup of the United States will occur, believes setting the stage for avoiding the mistakes that led to the pernicious problems in the West can be addressed by the implementation of a combination of the principles of Propertarianism and some good old fashioned resolve against the forces of the Left.

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Very special guest John Mark


The Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 116 – Civil War II – America Unraveling – John Mark

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  1. Alfa158 says:

    I didn’t wake up and discover it, I’ve been watching it happen in not so slow motion for 40 years. Any attempt to discuss it got me anything from blank stares, though protestations that I’m exaggerating to, claims it’s a good thing, and finger-wagging to outright hostility. Any attempt to vote against it had no effect whatsoever. No one cared it until the cake was baked.
    The only good thing is that as more people are (too late) waking, I finally can tell myself it wasn’t me that was crazy, it was almost everyone else after all.

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  2. Hunter Penn says:

    Listening to you brings to the surface ideas that I’ve had for 40 years (70 years old). No doubt civil war is inevitable. One nagging problem I can’t shake is how information and command and control come in to play for the right as we take on the government. How do we know who the leaders are. Where to get information and how? Love to know your thoughts.


  3. White Makes Right says:

    I find it baffling that an apparently smart guy, like John Mark here, who is apparently red-pilled on many of the relevant issues, thinks the solution is a new system of laws and policies. Our current problem is not due to the Constitution, it’s not due to the laws and policies, it’s not due to the abstract system.

    Not that following the Constitution would save us, either. But it’s effectively irrelevant. The people in power don’t care about it. They are not constrained by documents or abstract systems. This is the fundamental problem with such systems. Even if the perfect Propertarian system was implemented, what would stop the people in government from simply disregarding it?

    The answer is culture. Politics is a product of culture and society, not the other way around. If you have a strong culture, strong society, and strong Church that instills virtue into the population, then the men who are products of that culture will govern virtuously.

    But this is not discussed by Curt Doolittle, who seems to have contempt for such things. On the topic of religion, especially, he sounds like a typical fedora atheist. He has a few interesting ideas, but I have to agree with Hank and say that Propertarianism is basically just a rehash of libertarianism. And like libertarians, Propertarians live in a world of self-made abstractions completely divorced from the realities of the actual world.


  4. Bozo says:

    you all know what needs to happen. And it’s not culture, government, or religion.


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