Exit Strategy – Navigating the Decline of the American Empire

When a society views you as irrelevant, or even worse – expendable, you owe it no loyalty. Entertainment is supposed to be more surreal than reality. Yet when looking at society today, one gets the sense that we are living in a version more extreme than that portrayed by Blade Runner (AI, mega corporations and a wealthy elite), Invasion of the Body Snatchers (NPCs and Pod People), and World War Z (refugees?) To escape, we look not to movies – but a real world exit strategy. Yet doing so only minimizes the problem. To build anew we must reform into smaller, adaptive units, united by a common cause and propelled forward by the clarity of their vision. Jack Donovan says that gangs are groups of men that band together to defend against outsiders. Similarly, groups of men, of towns, of communities form from working together at shared goals, accomplishing some, failing at others, but all the while earning respect for each other.
Great civilizations form from the bottom up. G.K. Chesterton noted, “Men did not love Rome because she was great. Rome was great because they had loved her.” Things that form organically, out of the hearts of people, out of the passions and dedication of their will, intellect and strength form the building blocks of civilizations that go on to last for centuries. Very few societies, let alone civilizations are able to accomplish such greatness by meticulous planning before acting. Action, in the real world, requires experimentation, failure, adaptation, and evolution. Nothing can be thought out completely correctly beforehand. Therefore civilizations must be flexible, must be composed of individuals willing to work together, and who are willing to work towards concrete, clear goals that improve the lives of the participants as well as the overall greater good.
Greek and Roman monuments exist to this day, and inspire people the world over. The descendants of these race of titans can be proud of their achievements, while learning from the mistakes that ultimately brought them down. What will be said in future generations of Homo Capitalus’ modern architecture – that of cold glass, steel and concrete – derived from an obsession with quarterly earnings reports and spreadsheet economics? Will it be one of affection – or one of derision and shame like that for the Homo Sovieticus brutalist style that haunts the cities of the former Eastern Bloc? Your ancestors thought in terms of hundreds of years, and their buildings have lasted for thousands.
If no one is coming, you must be strong – not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well – in order to endure the challenge of building and commanding one’s own space. Everyone dies. What matters in the end is what you leave behind. By living your philosophy now, you create foundations for others to build upon. The most successful among us will withstand the coming fires of civilizational collapse, and our legacies will be poised to inspire the next generation of civilization builders. Your legacy – our legacy – is a matter of will. What are you waiting for?


The Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 118 – Exit Strategy – Navigating the Decline of the American Empire

Exit Strategy – Navigating the Decline of the American Empire is available for free to anyone who has been generous enough to donate to the program. If you have already done so, please email us at myth20c@tutanota.com (for Bitcoin: 16UQ6ukmTjz4Z7Ce4n23bN6tKGnU7XkPeQ) or NMM20c@tutanota.com (for Patreon) to receive your free copy.

Three years in the making, the Myth crew has decided to release a book for our fantastic and thoughtful audience. In it is a distillation of hundreds of books and conversations, thousands of articles, and tens of thousands of images we have gone through in our attempt to pierce the veil of lies in which we were all born into. It is a story of how the elite captured the American nation and then the world, how we fight back, and how to rebuild anew.

-Adam Smith, 2019

(Excerpts of the book can be found at The American Sun and will be coming out over the next few weeks. -> the first is here: The American Empire – A Legacy of War)

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. anon 111 says:

    good show, reaffirms everything i’m thinking.

    i go out into the “real” world and its like all whites are asleep to what’s going on so i think i must be the crazy one, then i listen to podcasts like this and realize that yes there is a war going on and its been waged against me for a long time.


  2. Hatrick X. Penry says:

    How can I obtain a physical copy of this book (not just an electronic edition), or is there no physical copy available?


  3. Mason says:

    Wonderful episode. Very informative and very funny too. I think Nick has been extra hilarious for the past few episodes.


  4. hello says:

    WHy is the paperback LULU version of the book 55 bucks?


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