Return of Champions – Fighting for Territory in the Ruins of Civilization

James LaFond, author, fighter, and anthropologist of all things urban and unseen by the aspirational and increasingly disconnected bourgeois classes of American cities rejoins the crew tonight for a much overdue conversation. Since we last spoke James has traveled and lived in various cities across the country, spent a night on the streets of Manhattan, and even managed to train a few listeners to the podcast on hand to hand combat and mixed martial arts. Always insightful and a pleasure to talk to, James remains one of the most honest and perceptive members of the growing class of people looking up at the decaying mass that is Western civilization and wondering if their time might be better spent maneuvering horizontally rather than vertically.

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Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 130 – Return of Champions – Fighting for Territory in the Ruins of Civilization

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  1. lucasfreese says:


    If you’re reading this comment, buy James’ books or you’re a lily livered f@gg0t.


  2. lucasfreese says:

    With all due respect Hans, your statement on the Robber Barons was foolish, especially when you throw Rockefeller in as someone who was putting money towards things that he didn’t benefit from. The Rockefellers funded all types of subversive and toxic social engineering ventures to weaken the population and strengthen oligarch control. Their foundation funded the “research” of Alfred Kinsey (fake studies used to normalize sexual degeneracy), the United Nations, attempts at pushing birth control on the Catholics and the broader population, feminism, watered-down subverted mainline Christianity, etc. The list goes on. I can’t speak as much on Carnegie because I’m not too familiar with his history, but Rockefeller was one of the biggest pieces of shit that ever lived.

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