QA II – Reflections on a Dissident Podcast

You had questions, we attempted some answers. It’s been about a year since we last did a Q&A, and since then we’ve broken 10,000 subscribers, been tossed off of YouTube, and witnessed the slow devolution of yet more of the American Empire. We’re also very fortunate to have an audience smart enough to know all this, yet still have incisive and thought-provoking questions that challenge our assumptions and hopefully make the round table that is Myth of the 20th Century part of a greater community of those that dare to tread where the system seeks to keep off limits.


The Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 136 – QA II – Reflections on a Dissident Podcast

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  1. Rosten Boss says:

    Ive listened to all ya’lls shows to date. LaFonde also has grown on me and those are SOME of my favourites. But i had to share this bc after several shows with him he finally watched and reviewed Fight Club with ya’ll it was briefly mentioned that it seemed to have homosexual propaganda purposes. And i wanted to underline and expand upon that. It IS promoting homosexuality, transgenderism, suicide, and general nihilism short of that. Also it promotes castration. And when I say “promotes” I mean subliminally, through NLP, anchors etc. This guy provides a whole host of vids looking at the brainwashing (of the audience)in that film.

    Heres all the parts. Maybe an hour of viewing altogether.

    And heres another great one done on Bimbo’s Intiation(which is just insane for those who havent seen it).

    Keep in mind that it ain’t just ppl like ya’ll who scrape and dig and fight to keep healthy, informed and sane who grew up on that film. Nearly ALL American young pornographic males, homo converts, and transformers also grew up on this film. Sorry for focusing just on that but i was reviewing all the Lafonde ep’s and felt compelled to share this bc its solid proof. Be well. God bless. Keep up the good fight.


  2. Cartman says:

    This is my take on Fight Club.
    I think the guy above is focusing on one aspect of it. There’s a Jack Donovan butch gay dimension because the who wrote is gay.


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