Korean Tiger – the Park Chung-Hee Era

In the West today, and throughout much of the 20th century, rapid Asian economic development was something that proceeded so consistently that it appeared as if by natural law. Like Japan before it and with China today, however, behind the scenes were often very driven leaders who, in South Korea’s case, seized power in a military coup and tightly coupled state economic policy with support for Chaebol conglomerates in key sectors of heavy industry focused on export-led growth. Tonight we are joined by Borzoi, friend and expert on many things Korean, to help us better understand Park Chung-Hee, the man who ruled South Korea for 18 years during the period of its most rapid development.

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Very special guest Borzoi


Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 160 – Korean Tiger – the Park Chung-Hee Era

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  1. Sean Detente says:

    Ugh, Spam is in SK, too. I should’ve figured it was all over East Asia. Funnily enough, here in Japan it carries more of a premium price than other canned meats. Dunno, Spam was cheap as dirt when I was a kid maybe having grown up on it makes my stomach churn as an adult.


  2. Steve says:

    This wasn’t your best episode.

    You described k-pop as a “scourge upon the world” and then admitted you’d never listened to it.

    You whined about Psy’s anti-war lyrics about killing US soldiers from 2004 while often featuring as a guest one James LaFond who has said he would “stab a cop in the throat.”

    Also, given the common white nationalist cope that Aryans wuz the real Romans, I’m not sure we should be throwing stones at Korea for “inventing the printing press”

    Besides that most of the information here was shit I could get off a Wikipedia dive. As far as modern Korean history goes it was pretty superficial.

    Your podcasts are usually pretty decent, but this one was kind of a dud.


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