Barbarism vs. Civilization – James LaFond

It’s been a few months since we last spoke with James LaFond, but in the mean time the world has gone from civilized to ??? seemingly overnight, and James has re-emerged from his time spent out West writing and training to return to the Imperial auspices of the East Coast to connect with old friends and observe the Corona Clampdown up close. Along the way James has written a treatise on the parallels between Red and Blue State America and the ancient rivalries between the Greek empires of Athens and Sparta during the Peloponnesian War, and the ramifications for continued stratification of American society between the elite and the rest of us.

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Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 168 – Barbarism vs Civilization – James LaFond

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Roasted Scrubs says:

    Link to the nurse testimony discussed at 20:00 mark, plz.


    1. Hank's Used Underwear says:

      Am interested, too. If it’s been “making the rounds”, no reason for Nick’s secret squirrel game. Just post it in the show notes.


      1. Kenny Blankenship says:

        I saw the video Nick is talking about but it’s been too long and can’t find it. BUT these are also relevant:


  2. Rich0292 says:

    The lulubooks link doesn’t allow me to add James book to my cart. When I search for the book seperatly it doesn’t show up. It doesn’t appear to be on there.


  3. Peter Whitaker says:

    This was a fantastic episode.


  4. Mason Stevens says:

    I hate to comment on the early parts of a video, but I almost had to skip this one. I’ve come back to these episodes I skipped over due to the date they took place because I’ve throughly avoided corona garbage. Not that you guys are bad about it, but for six straight months of 2020 it was just everywhere and it was exhausting to keep hearing a bunch of blabber about it from anyone. Around the 20-25 minute area in this episode it got a lot better. I won’t put up a whole argument for why I am almost certain corona doesn’t exist, but I will just give my view that it is not, in case anyone is taking a poll. I don’t dive into any sort of debate or explanation on that topic. However, even before all this corona crap, one of my strongest beliefs was that doctors and nurses are part of a system that attracts the worst people and gives them the power of life and death, where they operate with impunity. I like when Hans mentioned how nurses are bottom-of-the-barrel women who pay almost nothing to get nursing credits and then just be drones for a genocidal system while they play on their phones. And it was mentioned how doctors are literally not even that intelligent in general, nor are they even very practical! I’m sure doctors prior to the internet had good intentions, but doctors and nurses now are 100% corrupt people.

    How can someone critique police without realizing that the priestly class of doctors are the most corrupt and disgusting actors in society? I mean, bar none, they are the worst. And just talk to a nurse. If she’s under 60 years old, chances are you will want to jump out a window if that’s what it takes to escape the conversation. These are the worst people you can imagine. American medicine is the epidemic, and that was my position at least as early as 2015.


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