Hoaxed – Everything They Told Us Was a Lie

If people once held a sense that the newspapers, television and radio outlets of yesteryear possessed a touch of political bias, but made an honest attempt at focusing on reporting the facts, the campaign and election of Donald J. Trump in 2016 threw the modern day equivalent of that belief into almost indisputable doubt. The term ‘fake news’ has since become a household term, and internet journalist and provocateur Mike Cernovich’s recent film ‘Hoaxed’ chronicles how we got here in the run-up to the election, and the subsequent political aftermath of rampant propaganda masked as legitimate journalism and the censorship and overall attempts by the system to silence and shutdown grassroots dissent.


Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 171 – Hoaxed – Everything They Told Us Was a Lie

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  1. Brometheus says:

    While the documentary sounds uninteresting, the core subject about the nature of media is an evergreen subject that only will grow in importance.

    One of the core issues for the dissident right is the fact that the establishment is not static and they have learned their lessons from 2016 more than their rivals. The meme war that happen is basically impossible because the platforms are closed and the flow of information is more understood and regulated.

    The lack of organization and resources will cause negative effects here because one do need a critical mass of those for innovation to really happen. The current low-key infighting is not making the situation any better either.

    Perhaps a multiprong approach could work:
    – generic propaganda (ie. reducing the credibility of the media)
    – ideological propaganda (ie. actually communicating your positions)
    – context propaganda (ie. providing context for news/happenings)
    – fun propaganda (ie. content that is entertraining but has it’s agendas)

    These could be used to generate a different frame for people, it should be consistent and of course supporting of the goal of getting power.
    One could believe anything but if they have power they will gain legitimacy and social proof etc.

    Of course actually generating these while countering the same thing from the other side along with keeping up the infrastructure and pipe line necessary to have a presence is difficult. This is where organization and resources come into the play big time.


    1. The core issue for the dissident right is that you(uwu) believe in focusing on the core issues of the dissident right..


      1. Brometheus says:

        That sounds interesting. Can you expand on the idea?


  2. Kikeslamer88 says:

    You guys never talked about the last 30 min, but it was alright when death in June came on


  3. Yeah, yeah, of course you u guys devoted ur energy to staring at Lauren Southerns toes.


  4. The Z Blog says:

    At the end, you touch on something I’ve written about and speak about at gatherings. There is a difference between mobilizing and organizing. The Right has been conditioned to mobilize, while the Left is always organizing.


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