The Money Game – ZMAN on Financialization of the Economy

In 1880, the financial sector’s share of US GDP was slightly over 1%. By 2009, however, it had grown close to 10%. Including the related industries of insurance and real estate, that share swells to 21% in 2019, making it the single largest segment of the American economy, followed by trade and transport at 15% and professional services at 13%. Not until 4th place do we find manufacturing, at 11%, down from close to 35% in the 1940s for a country that once outproduced all others, and whose chief export today is government promises to pay in the future. With the meltdowns in the financial markets over the past several decades and the increasingly large government interventions to rescue and prop them up, political blogger ZMAN joins us to discuss how sustainable this is and its ramifications for society going forward.

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Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 180 – The Money Game – ZMAN on Financialization of the Economy

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  1. NC says:

    Pod cast not loading on 2 different pcs.


    1. Adam Smith says:

      BitChute has been having issues recently. For the video try DTube here:!/v/myth20century/QmRuKMc6BrkFn61jnbrez9PWtvPyt6zZNzHt8vmUFdE3AH


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    1. Forever Templar says:

      Better than A BOMB! Which is a poor choice for close range combat.


  3. Earl Shetland says:

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