The New Russia – Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson

In the words of historian and noted Russian scholar Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, the Soviet Union was the only empire to fall without a war. To the ordinary Russian citizen, however, the 1990s were no less tragic as life expectancy, average income, and birthrates all plummeted as crime, alcoholism and unemployment all rose. As the nation descended into the depths of despair, a new Oligarch class emerged controlling the commanding heights of production, principally in the natural resource and heavy industry sectors, coming to dominate not just the economy but with politics under the Russian President Boris Yeltsin. Only until the current President Vladimir Putin rose to power, ironically with the help of major oligarch Boris Berezovsky who was later exiled along with many others, did the Russian people begin to recover economically and in national pride.

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Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 182 – The New Russia – Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson

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  1. Gray says:

    Good episode, Personally I feel the lack of wealth in Russia and eastern Europe and sparser populated areas with more natural forests and open land gives the people a more grounded realistic view of life. i.e they’re more self-sufficient and understand the realities of the logistical systems that maintain there food reserves and fuel / electricity. Most people in Russia etc would probably be considered preppers by a Westerner whereas it’s just normal life to them.

    Anyway I think it’s proven to be the superior model for a fulfilling life, or it will in 10-20yrs. Don’t know if Johnson is an expert on day to day living in modern Russia but it might make an good extension on this series of shows about the USSR & Russia.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. D says:

    What was the music at the end? Excellent show, I always enjoy hearing from Dr. Johnson.


  3. Mason Stevens says:

    Definitely my favorite guest both times he has come on the show


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