Flaming McDonalds Wrappers – After Dark

When the fires of 2020 have finally died down, and the ashes have fallen to earth and smoke no longer clouds the air, one thing is certain – uncertainly and lack of clarity is the pattern that the leaders of this fallen nation have inflicted on the population either by design, gross incompetence, or both. With the election still over a month away, normalcy seems like a distant possibility, with events sure to escalate after the puppet government is selected and the masses need yet another distraction to keep them from noticing their country has been looted by the very people who claim to be standing on the front lines of saving it.


Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 186 – Flaming McDonalds Wrappers – After Dark


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  1. Forever Templar says:

    HAARP was shut down because the military and NRO got what it wanted out of it. If the Wiki article is at all accurate, they not only got whatever they were after, but did so at a helluva bargain price.


  2. Abiogenesis is retarded, in all likelihood we are all that exists.


  3. Gray says:

    That seed story was completely insane


    1. Elwin S says:

      boomer tier spoopy stories from FB more like


  4. psansonetti79 says:

    are yall sure that Hanson isnt a crypto commie?



  5. Elwin S says:

    Audio was much better this time, good work!


  6. Elwin S says:

    Dont fall for the boomer bait my dudes, the chinese can just buy any seed they want direct from the manufacturer and have it shipped to the chinese market! I dont want to defend the chinese but that story was retarded.

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