The Planet of the Humans

Humans, like all biological organisms, seek to leverage their natural surroundings to their benefit. The human capacity for rapid transformation of their environment, especially in modern times, is so great that some have come to call it by its own geological epoch, the Anthropocene. As with any power dynamic, incentives exist such that those with power seek to retain, and those without seek to gain. Consequently, the usage of modern technology is set to grow, even if it has negative consequences for the health and sustainability of the natural environment. Such is the conclusion of the film ‘The Planet of the Humans’, which argues the environmental movement, and its recent corporate and billionaire sponsors, have become corrupted by the very same cynical motives they outwardly claim to be fighting against. Tonight we discuss this phenomenon, along with a brief update on the 2020 presidential election debates.

Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 188 – Planet of the Humans

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  1. 1776blues says:

    No mp3 file this week?

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    1. Earl Shetland says:

      I was going to ask the same thing.

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      1. Earl Shetland says:

        Thanx pham.


  2. echonat says:

    Great show.


  3. Andrew says:

    Good episode but the audio mixing is unbearable. New to the show but adam(?) Is so loud compared to hans that when they would respond to each other the volume difference was a jump scare


  4. Gray says:

    And then I burn
    Turning my direction
    Quench my thirst with gasoline


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