Lovecraft – After Dark

Nyarlathotep . . . the crawling chaos . . . I am the last . . . I will tell the audient void. . . .

This episode of the Myth of the 20th Century is brought to you by the oft-maligned, ever nefarious and frequently sporadic Tales from the Trough. New episode appearing on the TRS Network, Spreaker dot com or anywhere you will find non Euclidian radio theater. Coming out sooner or later!

I do not recall distinctly when it began, but it was months ago. The general tension was horrible. To a season of political and social upheaval was added a strange and brooding apprehension of hideous physical danger; a danger widespread and all-embracing, such a danger as may be imagined only in the most terrible phantasms of the night. I recall that the people went about with pale and worried faces, and whispered warnings and prophecies which no one dared consciously repeat or acknowledge to himself that he had heard. A sense of monstrous guilt was upon the land, and out of the abysses between the stars swept chill currents that made men shiver in dark and lonely places. There was a daemoniac alteration in the sequence of the seasons—the autumn heat lingered fearsomely, and everyone felt that the world and perhaps the universe had passed from the control of known gods or forces to that of gods or forces which were unknown.

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with Nick Mason, Hans Lander and Adam Smith

MUSIC CREDIT: Black Magick SS – Get Out

Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 192 – Lovecraft – After Dark

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  1. Walter Gillman says:

    incredible episode, a second one next year would be wonderful

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  2. Earl Shetland says:

    Much appreciated, gentlemen.

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