2020 – The Year That Never Ended

When the history books are written about 2020, the narrative will be controlled by the victors, as is always the case. The counter-narrative, as much as is possible, will still exist, but only be whispered in the dark corners of society. The truth, however, has an enduring appeal to those that are curious, and just like the ancient hieroglyphs of Egypt contain a record of a once great civilization, the internet today serves as the electronic time capsule that helps future generations learn from the mistakes of the past. For our special 200th episode, we here at Myth take on the task of decrypting this year of mass hysteria, and hopefully offer some light in the sea of dark and dreary lies.

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Very special Borzoi @TedwardWang and Titus @hereliesthighs


Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 200 – The Year That Never Ended

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  1. Pat says:

    Christ all mighty look at that list of citations. Good shit Brothers.

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  2. gray1144 says:

    Jim Watkins owner of 8chan, before it was taken down, is probably responsible for Q. He was using it to attain site traffic.

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  3. Earl Shetland says:

    Hey, on the bright side, Prawnhub had to delete more than six million videos.

    A good start.

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  4. Octavian says:

    Outstanding show as always. Final summary was well worth the extra time. You did miss one major event however, the war over Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabakh (September 27th – November 10th), arguably the first proper, conventional war between peers/near-peers since the Iran-Iraq War’s conclusion in 1988. It’s a subject worth an exploration unto itself as it has a number of interesting points that has intriguing implications for future conflicts. I will probably have a piece dedicated to it after I finish the current essay and I consider it the most interesting event of 2020. There were over 6,000 people killed in 44 days, which adjusting for the army sizes and the limited population of the region, means that the combat was exceptionally intense, higher than even some of the more intense campaigns of both world wars. It is certainly something that has flown under the radar of most people living in the West as it is not a helpful addition to the narrative zeitgeist. It was a genuine bloodbath that has been exceedingly well documented.

    At any rate, thank you all for your dedication and commitment to maintaining this podcast – it really is the best one around – I’ve been following you since before the Nixon episode and will continue to ride with you.

    I wish you all, the Myth crew, esteemed guests, and listeners, a happy and pacific Anno Domini 2021 – despite the tightening of the screws that will almost certainly occur. I also hope that you will all enter 2022 stronger and healthier than today.

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  5. Borzoi the Poodle says:

    You guys don’t believe anything else coming out of the government, but official Covid death tolls are legit? GTFO…

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  6. Joe Shmoe says:

    Thanks guys great job.

    I started with the fall of Soviet Union episode episode back in 2017 (I’ve commented with several different names). I have learned so much from your podcast. And you’ve been proven right about so much.

    I am in recovery trying to turn my life around and this year has been absolutely miserable. Pray for our country and our people.

    God bless you

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  7. Mason Stevens says:

    Nick’s summary at the end was great 😂 I love all of you guys and couldn’t possibly pick a favorite, but Nick is one special character that I’m always excited to hear from. He was extra out there on this episode.

    The thing about corona attacking Neanderthal genes was interesting. If the disease is real at all (which I’m still not convinced it is) then undoubtedly 23andMe and all that crap was used to make it. That would make more sense than any other possibility, other than it being completely made up.


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