Beowulf – After Dark

Composed by an unknown bard sometime in the 8th century, Beowulf took on legendary status among the Anglo Saxon people as a folk tale describing a king, a culture, and the origins of a group that for centuries languished in the shadows, only to rise to world significance in the years to come.

Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 202 – Beowulf – After Dark

— References —

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  1. Brodrillard says:

    A great and benevolent king rose once to the throne of a ruined nation. He restored prosperity and the stolen lands of his people, and was loved by all.
    But evil goblins spread lies about him and his people in the neighboring realms. Soon those kingdoms fell on him and his people.
    With his noble warriors he fought valiantly for many years in a terrible war to defend his people. But his foes were far more numerous and wealthy.
    In the end the great king’s funeral pile burnt in his last fortress, and his nation returned to ruin and subjugation.
    Not long after the machinations of the evil goblins destroyed the other kingdoms and he wasn’t there to help them.
    May he return to aid us in our gravest danger. Never forget the name of the good king Adolf Hitler.


    1. tomatosan says:



      1. Brodrillard says:

        behold the goblin


  2. Suburban_elk says:

    Enjoyed the show, but plz do get that guy’s mic or connection issue thing, straightened out.

    What was the outro spoken word music; that was like actually being there, in there with them in the Hall of Kings.

    Also; is the link somewhere for the referenced youRube about reading Beowulf over a the screen of modern English? [Bagby, above, excellent]


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