Kent State

As Vietnam War imagery goes, Kent State is up there with the self-immolating monk and children running from a napalm strike. The picture of Mary Ann Vecchio, standing over the body of Jeffrey Miller who, along with three others, had been shot and killed by Ohio National Guardsman in 1970 during a protest over the war, marks a notable example of the growing divide in the United States over the country’s involvement in Vietnam. Tonight we’ll briefly examine the events that led to the shootings, and compare it to protests going on today.

Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 216 – Kent State

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  1. Joe Shmoe says:

    Very good review by Hank, I agree there is really not much room for revision.

    My takeaway from it is that it demonstrates how totally lost the American right was at the time. The left was right about Vietnam. The problem with this whole era is that in many cases, opposition to the war, at least the public face of it, was married to the domestic agenda to remake/revolutionize the country. It seems like a lot of the political/cultural capital that should have been used domestically was burned up on the Vietnam issue. Kind of a michrocosm of the entire Cold War history of America.

    Seems like very few people recognized this, other than a few Birchers. I’d be curious to know what Wallace’s 68 campaign position was on the war.

    I had an ex hippie grade school teacher who went to KSU at the time. Definitely a foundational myth of boomer libs. Still waiting for Neil young’s song about Waco. Should be dropping any time now.

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  2. Nice blog post.🔥 🤑 2021-06-21 05h 07min


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