Filmed in 1936 Berlin during the Olympic games, Leni Riefenstahl’s ‘Olympia’ showcased the German celebration of international competition and virtues of athletic performance, sportsmanship, and, despite what critics may claim – goodwill amongst nations and peoples. Controversy however was inevitable as the Second World War was just around the corner, and tensions between the great powers were already rising. Regardless of one’s politics, and even to some of interwar-Germany’s harshest critics, ‘Olympia’ is heralded by audience members and film-makers alike as a masterpiece of its craft, showcasing innovative cinematography and highlighting some of the beauty inherent in the human spirit.


Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 221 – Olympia

— References —

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  1. Jesse Owens story proves the fact of race and racial differences.

    Owens won because blacks are better at running and jumping.

    His gold medals didn’t signify racial equality but racial differences.


  2. Benny Hillstien says:

    I think Adam Smith is afraid of Jewish power. Nick Mason is a wonderful man and you should show more respect for his point of view, even if you don’t share it.


    1. Cthulhu says:

      Are you new here? Adam might be the most ‘Murican host but he also does all the heavy lifting of producing the show, and was originally on the show before Nick. Have some respect.


  3. Masen Stevens says:

    Great episode, as always. It is funny that Germany, Italy, and Japan combined for more total medals than the next ten or so countries combined. Sort of how the Second World War would go, where it took twenty nations to beat those lone three. Shows that they had the most elite cultures of the time. Jealously is a covetous driver, exhibited habitually in the years that followed.

    One hilarious anecdote, on the topic of genuine German enthusiasm: I think it was at the olympics (or at least some stadium in the 30s) where a woman leapt towards the Fuhrer to give him a kiss. I think she managed to get him on the cheek.


    1. Cthulhu says:

      Fascism presented the only force that could ever save western civilization. It didn’t hold on to all the old aspects of Western Civilization for sure, the Church being greatly diminished in it’s power even more than after the reformation, but it was moving in a direction where a continuation of nations and traditions from the end of the dark ages to that time was possible. Now there is little hope for any of that. Maybe some nations will survive, but mostly we will either die or have to reform as either a single entity or as multiple new entities.


      1. TheMidnightListener says:

        >the Church being greatly diminished in it’s power even more than after the reformation
        Longtime Myth fan and first time commenter here, speaking as a Catholic you should pay attention to the latest Strike and Mike where they point out that increasing secularization actually boosts the percentage of people who support White nationalism. Sorry, E. Michael Jones, though I l appreciate your works, our future lies not with Francis


    2. Vaxxed Randy says:

      Please don’t misunderstand my intentions. I have much respect for the efforts and contributions made by the honorable Adam Smith. I had reservations about posting a critical comment directed towards his prestigious persona. This podcast has added to my understanding of the world we share, and for that I am grateful. Nevertheless, Nick does not deserve to be spit on, as Adam did to Nick in this episode.


    3. Jewish Supremisist says:

      Has this podcast come to an end? For us, I wonder, Is there a tomorrow? The dark Winter will consume the weak and stupid.


  4. Toad says:

    It seems the Criterion bluray collection has a 4k remaster of Olympia, but there seems to be no way to buy an individual film in the collection.

    I watched it on Criterion Channel, which seems to have only a 1080p version, but it looks better than any other version I could find online.


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