“All the democratic circles in America and Europe, in particular the Italian intelligence agency, know very well that the catastrophic attack was planned and carried out by the American CIA and Mossad, with the help of the Zionist world, to accuse the Arab countries and to persuade the Western powers to go into Iraq and Afghanistan.” -former Italian President Francesco Cossiga (quoted in Corriere della Sera, 2007)

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Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 224 – 9/11

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  1. Reblogged this on Banned Hipster and commented:
    My appearance on Myth Of The 20th Century. Thanks to Adam Smith, Hank Oslo, Hans Lander, and Nick Mason for having me on for a great discussion.

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  2. Earl Shetland says:

    I’ll try to have a more intelligent comment after I listen to the episode, but Trump calling into UPN amuses me. After school it ran a lot of black sitcoms – to the point where the joke was that UPN stood for “UnderPaid Negroes”. Star Trek Voyager was there too. UPN ceased to be in the mid-2000s – that video is definitely a time capsule.

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  3. Ok, so you had another episode. It was ok. It wasn’t “GREAT” though. I’m still hoping you do more on Kent State and Bill Ayers.


  4. tomatosan says:

    ‘Tis recycled truther crap that’s been floating around the toilet bowl for the last 20 years; circa mid-2000s before that whole movement when completely batshit. Plus dancing joos. I’ll give Ryan Dawson credit for that one, that’s pretty original.


  5. gray1144 says:


    “The word Al-Qaeda evokes fear and terror in the collective psyche and it immediately brings to mind the most wanted and feared terrorist of our age and founder of this infamous terror network, Osama Bin Laden. Such fear is fuelled by a decade’s long media onslaught that never stops reminding us of how dangerous this organisation is.

    But few people know exactly what the word Al-Qaeda actually means. Some news agencies freely misinterpret the word as meaning “The Base”. But actually this is not the full and proper translation of the ominous term. Al-Qaeda is in fact a derivative of the Arabic verb Qa’ada which means “to sit” on a specific type of base, namely the toilet bowl. Indeed in Arabic there are three terms for three different kinds of toilet: Hamam Arabi or Arab toilet, a hole in the ground very common in Arab countries; a potty used for children called Ma Qa’adia or “Little Qaeda”, and Hamam Franji more commonly called Al-Qaeda or foreign toilet, which is the familiar toilet with a base prevalent in most western countries. “Ana raicha Al Qaeda” is a colloquial expression for “I’m going to the toilet” so that Al-Qaeda is the noun which literally translates into “The Toilet”.”

    Credit to: https://www.radioalbion.com/2021/09/the-orthodox-nationalist-911-ton-091521.html for pointing this out to me


  6. Hab Sud says:

    The WTC Building 7 NIST report concluded that burning office furnishings, due to thermal expansion, caused a bar joist to pop out of its connection to Column 79 somewhere between floors 5 and 14. This caused those floors to collapse on themselves, which left Column 79 unsupported and caused it to buckle, which led to collapse of the whole building.
    The NIST report also considered the possibility of intentional collapse by cutting or blasting Column 79, but dismissed this possibility partly because it would have been impossible to do so without the adjacent tenants noticing.
    CBS News reported that the CIA had offices in WTC 7, and they were covered as another federal agency, which must have either been the Secret Service or SEC, which were the only federal agencies with public record of being tenants in WTC 7. The Secret Service and SEC offices were all located between floors 5 and 14, exactly where Column 79 failed.


  7. Octavian says:

    Great episode, glad you guys finally did it and got Banned Hipster on to boot.

    Sorry, if this is a double post, the first one seems to have vanished for me – it had a link so it may have ended up in spam.

    I thought I would chip in a little bit on the subject of the engine that was found.

    The JT9D engine series is used with both 747 and 767 airframes. There are a number of slight differences across the different versions. The ones used on 767s are slightly more powerful and the primary fan diameter is about an inch larger. JT9Ds were pretty popular with 767 customers early in the program, however, iirc, the fuel consumption was not as competitive and P&W (who makes the JT9D) replaced the JT9D series with the PW4000 series around 1990. The smallest PW4000 model, -94, is, again, common to both 747 and 767 airframes.

    There are 20 separate versions of the JT9D engine produced over a run of over 20 years. Now this is engine is a little before my time so I’m not familiar with this specific part: the cooling duct component that is associated with the JT9D-7A/7F/7J. What is true is that the -7A/7F/7J models were older ones intended for 747s, there are a great many parts that are common across JT9D versions. And sometimes they don’t get relabeled or reserialed when fitted/replaced. It is entirely possible that the cooling system is was a common feature. Especially if the 767 in question was equipped with the very early JT9D-7R4Ds for some reason. Which, as it happens, N612UA (United 175 – the south tower bird) was equipped with these engines (JT9D-7R4Ds). (The American 767 had General Electric GE CF6-80A2s if anybody cares.)

    TLDR: It can still be a 767 engine.


    1. Adam Smith says:

      Appreciate this. Not an airline mechanic myself – so I was relying on the arguments made by critics of the engine found on Murphy Street. I also just recently noticed the part found was not the majority of the engine, which I had originally assumed, but seemingly only the aft-section which I believe was more or less the combustion chamber, not the fans in front compressing the air and providing some of the bypass propulsion. So – you could be completely right the damn thing was using old cooling parts from earlier engines. My only intuitive skepticism was the odd placement of the engine underneath scaffolding without so much as a backstop or much if any damage to the sidewalk. It really does look like it was placed there. And even if it isn’t actually implausible, I still have to weigh it against all the other physical, financial, and political anomalies in doubting the official narrative. Thanks again.


  8. Sam J. says:

    It’s great to hear Hipster Racist. I used to argue them with him that Donald Trump was on our side but…yes I was wrong. He was right about this the whole time,. It appears, so far, that Trump was nothing but a insider that the Jews hired as a fake Hitler to string us along.

    About the strength of the building. Once a “Spoofer” as I call them said the building was not strong enough and linked some documents. I read the things and found that the outer columns were specified to 2,000% of the load. The reason is wind load. And the engineers that designed this said the whole wall could have fallen off the building and it still would not fall which makes sense as you can balance three cards on edge and they won’t fall.

    A criticism. You NOT should use the argument that an aluminum plane should bounce off of steel because it’s retarded. It’s MASS that matters and momentum. The plane was full of fuel and at the speeds they were going the wings and the areas with fuel in them might as well have been concrete. There are rail gun experiments where they fire super fast plastic pellets at aluminum plates and it blast huge holes. I’ll give you another example. Socks are soft, rubber balloons are soft, water is soft but if I put a rubber in a sock, fill it with water and whack you in the head at 80 mph with it I assure you you will not say it is soft and it will not bounce off your head. It will knock the hell out of you. Momentum.

    You mentioned Newtons third law but what about the first???

    Newton’s First Law,”A body continues at rest or in motion in a straight line with a constant speed until acted on by an unbalanced force.”

    This is simple, the MOMENTUM of the plane and MOST IMPORTANTLY all that fuel will keep going until the mass of the building stops it. You are also wrong about the plane not going through the building and you are wrong about not “expecting” it to go through the building.. You can see the very end of the wing tips DID NOT go through but further down the wing, full of fuel, it did go through the building’s columns. This is to be expected. I can show you a picture that shows you exactly that. See at the top right where the wing tips did not go through and you can see the force rising and more damage to the building as you move along the wing closer to the fuselage where there is more fuel until it breaks through.

    The force of this fuel in the wing at these super high speeds is absolutely huge. Massive. Very large and as we see it punched through. This is to be entirely expected. To add even further to this look at this picture of the fuel in a Boeing plane. Remember when something goes fast it makes no difference if it’s soft or not.

    Please stop using this argument because it shows you don’t know what you’re talking about. I suspect very strongly that a large amount of people making this argument are Hasbara that wish to befuddle peoples minds and make people look foolish to discredit 9-11 skeptics. “Not saying you are this, I repeat I in no way think you are feeding us falsehoods knowingly)”, but many who use this argument, mostly combined with the idea that there were no planes(snicker) appear to use some of the same user names as Hasbara. You’re being fooled by these people.



    The single best argument that 9-11 was an inside job is building 7. It’s impossible for a few fires on a few floors to make a building lose ALL support for roughly 108 feet. It’s not possible for the building to fall as if the only thing holding it up was AIR. It can’t happen and anyone can see that. All the other buildings destroyed there are some, if weak as can be arguments, but building 7. Impossible. I think, judging from Barry Jennings, who was in the building, that something went wrong and the building was supposed to come down earlier. He said there were a huge amount of blast. I think while the North and South towers were being attacked they were going to bring down 7. Or it could be that the plane in Pennsylvania was supposed to hit the building and the explosions were to weaken the building before it was hit by a plane.

    Susan Lindauer talks are well worth listening to.


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