The Ukraine Crisis – After Dark

Following our interview with Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson on the crisis in Ukraine, we wanted to do a brief follow up on the potential long-reaching supply chain implications of the broader conflict between the West and East. Russia, being targeted now by nearly all Western nations with sanctions aimed at its financial payments infrastructure, telecommunications, and high technology systems, conversely is a critical supplier of oil, natural gas, and grain to Europe. Russia has alternatives with its eastern neighbors, principally China and India, while Europe has turned towards America. How much this matters to Russia, versus how much to Europe and the West economically, may ultimately determine who capitulates first politically.

Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 235 – The Ukraine Crisis – After Dark

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  1. Just a heads up – coinbase is hassling me and my ability to donate to Nick – the totalitarianism is hitting new levels – stopping donations, and targeting donators.


    1. Cyclops says:

      I think you basically gotta have it in a wallet rather than exchange. So drop it in Electrum or what have you first, then to Nick.

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  2. Cyclops says:

    Hope Nick (and the rest of you guys) are doing okay and that the future isn’t too grim. I will be donating soon when I can sort problems with my exchange out. What they are doing to you guys is beyond despicable. Stay safe, fellas.


    1. Ockham's chainsaw says:

      This may seem out of left field, but no moreso than anything else these days.
      I seem to remember an advertisement from a few years back, circa 2015 or 16 that I believe ran during the Superbowl. It featured an American soldier fondly reading a letter from home while in the barracks and in the background was a Polish flag.
      I only remember it because of the discussion it generated in this dark corner of the interwebz as some thought it was the cabal telecasting it’s intentions.
      I’ve looked around a bit but can’t find anything, so I could be misremembering.
      If anyone gets bored enough and finds it, a link would be interesting.


  3. Name (required) says:

    If Russia had a Nationalist goverment, that is not full of globalists. They could use this opportunity to build an economy and culture of their own. They might had to pay the independence tax, but in the long run that is less costly than your country and nation dissolving into the global monoculture because it was better for the economy

    If there were *any* countries that are nationalist their leadership would now get big red flags about how unsustainable and dangerous this interdependence is when a few big corporations can just paralyze your nation to virtue signal.

    Sadly the only lesson learned will be is having more “global governance” and going deeper into the great reset nonsense.


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