Zeihan – After Dark – the Collapse of Globalization

In the world of geopolitics, there are those that decide, and those that recommend. While it is debatable who wields more actual power, it is clear that the number of advisers, consultants, analysts, strategists and self-appointed experts clearly outweighs that of the policy makers. Peter Zeihan, a unique blend of the recommender class, has made a mark recently in business circles for his sweeping forecasts concerning broad reaching topics such as energy, supply chains, military strategy, and the devolution of the globalist world order. Tonight, after we catch up on some Halloween discourse, we speculate as to the motivations of Mr. Zeihan, as well as the implications of what he and his backers seem to see as the transformation of American leadership as the trade and security arrangements of the post-war era break down.


Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 245 – Zeihan – After Dark – The Collapse of Globalization

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  1. Turbo says:

    Tightened up! Nice! Great show Gentlemen.


  2. Nemo says:

    Things are looking somewhat up in term’s of Adam’s fear of technological replacement of human workers. If the states wants a tech war over chips with China, who knows where it could be headed. Globalists have already shown their hand to be insane enough to blow up an entire continent’s energy infrastructure, maybe in inevitable retreat from Taiwan they will go scorched Earth on the chip fabs and the world will find itself in a few years time in a situation where the quality of chips necessary for AI aren’t being produced, meanwhile with the decline of western man and the chaos unleashed by the obliteration of globalism might cripple the global economy enough that it won’t come back, and nobody will be innovating enough to resurrect it.

    There is a not-so-unlikely future where Spengler is right and the fall of Western civilization is the end of science and industry.


    1. Adam Smith says:

      The reshoring of manufacturing trend is accelerating, sped up by Covid, and the escalating tensions between the East and West. While Trump sought to bring jobs back to the US, businesses and consultants like Zeihan seem to be concentrating around places like Texas, where there is access to cheaper pools of labor in Mexico and concentrations of relatively inexpensive energy. There will be a scaling problem for certain skilled labor, but the investments are being made as China has lost much of its labor cost advantage and the Xi government continues to restrict business.

      Inflation and shortages in the short term, probably some positive economic growth especially towards the middle income group in the medium term, and either a peaceful realignment or a potentially catastrophic war in the long run.


  3. zadimom5 says:

    Unpacking Communitarianism with Brien & Jenna

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  4. Zed says:

    Thank you for putting out 8 shows in 3 days. I don’t know how you guys pulled it off but it’s simply amazing! Nice change of pace too!


  5. Pooty-Wazooty says:

    Make it go! VROOM! VROOM! Chop-CHOP! Niiiiiiyaaaaaguhhh’!


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