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Three years in the making, the Myth crew has decided to release a book for our fantastic and thoughtful audience. In it is a distillation of hundreds of books and conversations, thousands of articles, and tens of thousands of images we have gone through in our attempt to pierce the veil of lies in which we were all born into. It is a story of how the elite captured the American nation and then the world, how we fight back, and how to rebuild anew.

-Adam Smith, 2019

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Excerpts from the Book:

The American Empire – A Legacy of War

4 Horsemen of the Economic Apocalypse

Civilizationally Unviable

Tactical Solutions

Network Strategy

Restoring Moral Order to Capitalist Societies

Early praise for Exit Strategy

‘Escape from ZOG City’

When I met Adam Smith in the least populous state of this thankfully-dissolving unholy union last year, I met a seeker, it was apparent, from the moment he walked up to me. As we traveled he worked always on a book project, which had a working title something like “Un Plugged,” a book he was weaving together from his reading and the many interviews and round table discussions he has moderated on the Myth of the 20th Century. I was thrilled, today to get my advance copy of the completed work, Exit Strategy and thought I’d read the first chapter tonight, since my right eye has pretty much stopped working and then have a good night’s sleep, and hopefully get the book read by Friday.

Here I sit, three hours later, having been unable to look away from the time-lapse account of the social train wreck called America, woven together with a concise narrative of the sacred lies I was born to, spiced with images dull, shrill, comic and sardonic, that kept me clicking for 247 easily-read pages. From the brief history of liberty expressed as endless military adventure to a notebook on escaping a city turned war zone, Adam Smith combines the expertise of dozens of dissident thinkers with knowledge as diverse as Iroquoian permaculture and postmodern military function into something terribly sensible.

Exit Strategy begins as an indictment of history’s greatest collective lie, traces its ascent and decline, conducts its autopsy and then shifts into hopeful gear and advises the reader on the means of doing more than joining the suicide of a discarded, mongrel race. From the exposition of a premeditated genocide to growing your own food without insecticide, Exit Strategy is a handbook for the survival of a human race, even as the mechanisms for its extinction pick up their grisly, syncopated pace.

– James LaFond