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The United States dollar is undisputed as the world’s most dominant reserve currency. What is disputed, however, is to what degree this is good for the world, let alone the United States. Also disputed is how sustainable this arrangement is, given perennial trade and US government budget deficits that call into question the strength of the underlying economic system. Originally backed by the gold standard in the 1947 Bretton Woods arrangement, countries like De Gaul’s France began calling for a break from the US dollar reserve system after years of budget and trade deficits caused by social spending, wars, and an oil shock led to the drawdown of American gold reserves by nearly half until President Nixon closed the gold window in 1974. To replace this, the Petrodollar system was setup to guarantee the demand for US dollars would remain in the world markets by having Saudi Arabia, by then the world’s largest swing producer, only sell oil in American greenbacks. They also then agreed to invest their surpluses into US Treasuries, enabling the US government nominally lower yields on its deficit financing. As America’s national debt approaches $20 trillion, however, and over 40 years of trade deficits have left Middle America’s manufacturing jobs moved overseas and the traditional pathway for millions of Americans into the middle class stripped away, America and the world once again questions its ability to maintain a world reserve currency, and the costs of attempting to sustain it.

Today we’re joined by special guest Ryan Landry to discuss his recent article The Modern Economy and the Consequences of the Petrodollar.

The Myth of the 20th Century – Ep10 – Petrodollar – American Political Economics

— Timeline —

-1950- Saudi-ARAMCO agreement signed giving 50/50 revenue split
-1960- OPEC formed
-1965- France’s Deb Gaulle voices concern about the viability of the US-backed gold standard
-1967- London Gold Pool collapses after French withdraw
-1970- The United States hits peak domestic oil production and begins era of massive oil imports
-1971- Nixon closes the United States gold window
-1973- Yom Kippur War
-1973-74- Arab Oil Embargo
-1974- Kissinger arranges for Petrodollar in the Technical Cooperation Agreement
-1980-1988- Iran-Iraq War
-1986- Saudi Arabia increases oil production, cratering global oil prices
-1990- Iraq invades Kuwait
-1991- US-led coalition in Operation Desert Storm repels Iraqi forces from Kuwait
-2001- Osama bin Laden claims responsibility for attacks in New York, Washington D.C. citing US military presence in Saudi Arabia
-2003- US invades Iraq
-2003- US Combat Air Operations moved from Prince Sultan Airbase in Saudi Arabia to Al Udeid Air Base built in Qatar
-2006- Israel-Lebanon War
-2010- Arab Spring spreads from Tunisia to Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Bahrain
-2012-Present- Syrian Civil War
-2014-Present- Libyan Civil War
-2015-Present- European migrant crisis

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