Like the Roman – Enoch Powell – 50 Years of Blood

50 years ago, Enoch Powell delivered a private talk at the general meeting of the West Midlands Area Conservative Political Centre. The British press derided it as the “Rivers of Blood” speech, and the name stuck. One day later, his party sacked him. In the speech, Powell articulated the growing concern of many native British of the growing tide of non-white immigrants and the accompanying crime and overall lack of social cohesion. Despite what the members of the press and the political establishment said, the polls showed upwards of two-thirds of Britons agreed with Powell’s speech. As the years progressed, his estimation of increased violence in the UK has proven prophetic, as the revelations of the Rotherham scandal, rising knife attacks in migrant communities, and the general police cover up of such events has revealed an anarcho-tyrannical regime that bears more resemblance to Orwell’s Ingsoc than Kipling’s land of “marvels and mysteries.”

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Very special guest Thomas Finney @ThomasFinney20

and special credit to Granville Thorndyke:

The Myth of the 20th Century – Ep74 – Like the Roman – Enoch Powell – 50 Years of Blood

— References —

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