Spetsnaz – The Inside Story of the Soviet Special Forces

“Spetsnaz has no distinguishing badge or insignia – officially, at any rate. But unofficially the spetsnaz badge is a wolf, or rather a pack of wolves. The wolf is a strong, proud animal which is remarkable for its quite incredible powers of endurance. A wolf can run for hours through deep snow at great speed, and then, when he scents his prey, put on another astonishing burst of speed. Sometimes he will chase his prey for days, reducing it to a state of exhaustion. Exploiting their great capacity for endurance, wolves first exhaust and then attack animals noted for their tremendous strength.. The wolf also has a powerful intellect. He is proud and independent. You can tame and domesticate a squirrel, a fox or even a great elk.. But you cannot tame a wolf. The wolf lives in a pack, a closely knit and well organized fighting unit of frightful predators. The tactics of a wolf pack are the very embodiment of flexibility and daring. The wolves’ tactics are an enormous collection of various tricks and combinations, a mixture of cunning and strength, confusing maneuvers and sudden attacks. No other animal in the world could better serve as a symbol of the spetsnaz.” -Victor Suvorov, Spetsnaz – The Inside Story of the Soviet Special Forces


The Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 120 – Spetsnaz – The Inside Story of the Soviet Special Forces

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— Music Credits —

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