The Myth of Perpetual Economic Growth – Piero San Giorgio

Looking at the revenue projections of Fortune 500 companies or the GDP growth estimates of the world’s industrialized countries, one can’t help but notice everything indicating unlimited expansion and wealth opportunities in the future. ‘Upwards and to the right’ as they say in management consulting. But when analyzing historical progressions of large companies, countries, or empires, things never work out quite so well. Piero San Giorgio, native to Switzerland, and former software executive where he travelled much of the world working in high technology and developing systems in the developing world, comes at the problem of limits to growth from a unique perspective only a world traveller could have. Author of many books, including the best-selling ‘Survive the Economic Collapse’, Piero joins us this evening to discuss the forces behind the perpetual growth drive, what we as individuals can do to survive it, and where we as a group can work together to build something better and more sustainable.

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Very special guest Piero San Giorgio
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The Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 126 – The Myth of Perpetual Economic Growth – Piero San Giorgio

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