The New World Order – Skull and Bones

In democratic republics such as the United States, power is officially held by elected officials who are supposedly held to account by the electorate. In one of his last speeches, however, US President John F. Kennedy warned the public against shadowy forces who hold power by operating through secretive networks. Shortly thereafter he was assassinated. Allen Dulles, the man who had been recently dismissed from the CIA by Kennedy, was a 33rd degree Freemason, and found himself on the Warren Commission overseeing the investigation into the President’s assassination. Secret societies such as the Freemasons, and in particular those based out of the elite Ivy League schools such as Skull and Bones, have had a long history of power in the West, forming a cabal of rulers that no matter the elected party, always seem to have a member at the table.


The Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 134 – The New World Order – Skull and Bones

— References —

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  1. WarSpecter says:

    This was a good episode, gentlemen, looking forward to the next segment!


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