James LaFond – Ghost Snatchers

Set in the Rocky Mountains in the not too distant future, ‘Ghost Snatchers’ is a novel by James LaFond about an army of SJWs and their legions of color descending upon the last remaining redoubt of heritage Americans using Afghanistan War tactics. Originally scheduled to talk about his book, James joins us this evening just as the formula of lockdowns and riots perfected in 2020 is set to reignite as the nation braces for the outcome of the Derek Chauvin trial for the murder of George Floyd, and yet another apparent excessive use of force was on display in Minneapolis with the shooting of Daunte Wright. As an “adviser to the persecuted and hated minority that is the pale face man”, our most consistently popular guest offers his take on the new vaccine passports and the Baltimore-ification of the American city going forward.

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Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 212 – James LaFond – Ghost Snatchers

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. NC says:

    living the dream in mn. Guy was 1/4 at best. Today Sunday 4/18/21 white car jacker killed by burnseville police = no one burned, looted or murdered.


  2. NC says:

    2 MN local news sites;


  3. Bob marino says:

    Thank you lads. Listening forward to you is one of the highlights of my week. We have so many interests in common sometime I think we were separated at birth. As soon as I start thinking thinking of of a topic, there it is in next 2 or 3 weeks. Let me get some shekels together to donate, and I have an MA in History and JD so would like.to write something for the American sun.

    Ps-hank annoys the shot out of me.


  4. NC says:

    Jury caved as the cowards they are 😦


  5. Lionstanding says:

    Really tired of “takes” on Japan- a Great Veil still exists between our two nations and YOU KNOW NOTHING about Peach Dreamy Land and you never really will, gaijin.
    Police departments are utterly corrupt(in the late 90’s, almost the entire Yokohama police force was embroiled in a shabu trafficking scandal. “Shabu” is their street, bathtub methamphetamine). Most of departments’ time is spent investigating minor crimes and accidents, setting speed/DUI traps,(and checking bicycle registration numbers!)…and making sure that “privileged groups”(yakuza) can carry on their activities free of any interference.


  6. Lionstanding says:

    Ah’m about an hour and a quarter into this episode and your guest has only been allowed about 10-15 minutes of that time. Obviously LaFond got so bored from the disregard that he decided to eat a hamburger audibly for us all!


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