Powerbrokers – Child Abuse & Betrayal – The Franklin Scandal

The elite in America hold more than money and power – they control politicians. Their means of coercion, however, are anything but innocent.


The Myth of the 20th Century – Ep58 – Powerbrokers – Child Abuse & Betrayal – The Franklin Scandal

— References —

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— Timeline —

(Credit: Nick Bryant)

1965 – Peter Citron arrested for sexual child abuse in Scarsdale, NY; Larry King began four-year hitch in Air Force
1969 – Craig Spence employed by ABC as a Vietnam correspondent
1970 – Larry King became manager of two-year-old Franklin Community Federal Credit Union
1978 – Eulice, Tracy, and Tasha Washington placed in the Webb household
1979 – Craig Spence relocated from Tokyo, Japan to Washington, DC.
1982 – Shawneta Moore, 9 years old, alleged she was recruited for pedophilic parties at the Omaha Girls Club
1983 – Alisha Owen said she attended first Twin Towers party
1984 – Larry King held lavish party at “Southfork” ranch during the GOP convention
1985, Spring – Eulice Washington alleged that Larry King flew her and other underage children to New York
1985, December – Eulice and Tracy Washington removed from Webb household
1986, January – Eulice Washington passed NSP polygraph regarding repeated molestations by Jarrett Webb—no charges were filed
1986, March – Eulice and Tracy Washington meet with Boys Town youth worker Julie Walters
1986, November – Charlie Rogers, a lover of Larry King’s, “committed suicide”; Omaha Mayor Boyle fired OPD Chief Wadman
1987 – Douglas County Judge reinstates Wadman as OPD Chief
1988 – Larry King formed Council of Minority Americans—Jack Kemp, Alexander Haig, and Gerald Ford were on the “host committee.”; OPD’s Robbery and Sexual Assault Unit commenced “possible child pornography investigation” that implicated Rusty Nelson and Larry King
1989 – Larry King charged with 40 counts of embezzlement, fraud, and tax evasion; Gary Caradori replaced Jerry Lowe as Franklin Committee’s investigator; Alisha Owen sentenced to between three and four years for writing “bad checks.”
1990 – Nebraska Attorney General Robert Spire called for a grand jury to be impaneled; Peter Citron arrested for felonious sexual assault on two children; Larry King declared incompetent to stand trial and was sent to the US Medical Facility in Rochester, MN; The FBI interviewed Alisha Owen for the last time at York—she refused to recant her videotaped statements to Caradori
1990, July – Caradori’s airplane mysteriously broke up over Lee County, Illinois, killing Caradori and his eight-year-old son
1990, November – Alisha Owen’s brother was found dead in his cell—his death was ruled a suicide
1991 – The Franklin Committee was disbanded; Troy Boner’s brother shot himself in the head playing “Russian roulette”; Alisha Owen found guilty on eight counts of perjury, sentenced to between nine and fifteen years for perjury
1992 – Alisha Owen served sentence for her “bad check” conviction, and was released on a $500,000 surety bond as John DeCamp appealed her perjury conviction
1993 – Troy Boner submitted his “lie or die” affidavit to John DeCamp, confessing that threats from the FBI forced him to lie at the Douglas County grand jury and also at Alisha Owen’s trial.
1994 – Troy Boner was strong-armed at the Douglas County Courthouse shortly
before a hearing for Alisha Owen—his testimony would have reiterated the contents
of his October 1993 affidavit
1996 – Alisha Owen sent back to prison
1999 – Federal District Court Judge Warren Urbom granted Paul Bonacci a $1 million judgment against Larry King
2000 – Alisha Owen was paroled after serving four and a half years
2001 – Larry King was paroled after nine years and ten months
2003 – Troy Boner died in a Texas psychiatric hospital

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Fred says:

    I like this show a lot and think you guys have a lot to offer with your perspectives, but one critique I have for Nick: dial back the autistic way you talk about race. I don’t disagree with what you say, but when you say “Negro” or “Jew” the way you do, it’s off-putting and you sound like a kid who just discovered curse words for the first time. Pointing out when those people do something wrong is fine, but the way you do it comes across overly-spiteful and makes it harder to take as serious analysis. These shows serve as great introductions to complicated topics and if you tweak that one aspect, they’ll be that much closer to perfect.


    1. Adam Smith says:

      This country frustrates Nick. The hypocrisy of our culture is unbelievable. He hasn’t learned to, or perhaps in some cases, chosen to lie like the rest of us. Believe me – he has more hatred for the puppetmasters than the puppets put in our way every day.


      1. Fred says:

        Sure I get that and I’m sure everyone who listens to the show is in the same boat. I’m just saying as someone who agrees with him, even I’m like “alright already!” when he starts in with the edgelord vernacular and over-emphasis on race in situations where it’s not particularly relevant. No one’s saying to lie. Just offering a suggestion so he can get the message across without sounding like a crank with an axe to grind.


    2. The Juice says:

      Nick’s ejaculations are more than welcome. Hilarious and apt. And accurate. They detract nothing. Timing of a comic genius. I have listened to almost every single show. Gentlemen: change nothing. I thank and salute you all.


  2. platawn says:

    Off topic: are you guys on MakerSupport now? I see an account there but no mention of it here or on Social Matter. Want to make sure it’s legit before donating.


  3. Mason S says:

    I appreciate Nick’s style and choice of words. He knows when a change of pace is needed and it is refreshing in my opinion. I think the guys balance each other out well. Maybe I’m just not exposed to enough people who agree with how our crowd thinks, and maybe the occasional bluntness is something I seek out. Maybe if I was exposed to it more then I would be tired of it. But I don’t think so. Regardless of the reason, I think Nick throws in the right amount of goofy quips. I can tell each guy has a certain role and they bring different things to the table. I don’t even mind when they are more casual and blunt on some of the after dark episodes. But I do see your point, Fred.

    BTW, very enlightening episode. Mind blowing, really. Some of it was difficult to listen to, but hearing the truth is worth it.


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