The Teamsters – Driving Sideways in an age of Disorganized Labor

Jack Welch once said that “a union is only needed when the manager is a horse’s ass.” But what happens when the union is led by one? In the case of the Teamsters, home to over one million transport workers and led by the infamous Jimmy Hoffa until his disappearance in 1975, and now again by his son James Jr. – the injustice that many workers take issue with in management also seems to extend to the union leadership itself. Corruption takes many forms, but accounts of embezzlement, vote tampering, and member intimidation are rife amongst the Teamsters. With union membership down across the board in America over the past 60 years, management’s relative power has increased, and the few workers who do try to get involved are under increasing pressure to remain quiet.

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The Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 89 – The Teamsters – Driving Sideways in an age of Disorganized Labor

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