Screening Sandy Hook – Deanna Spingola

Whenever a crisis occurs – especially one with tragic overtones such as that with Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012 with the shooting of 20 children – all manner of people come forward to offer opinion, speculation, and conjecture on agendas and theories that only have a tenuous connection to the truth. While a free society welcomes these perspectives, a rigorous society meets these with an equal amount of skepticism. In the case of Sandy Hook, stories about gun control, school safety, home schooling, and metal health abounded. Little focus, however, was paid to the extent to which the shooter, Adam Lanza, was on massive amounts of prescription drugs. Today we are joined by radio host Deanna Spingola, who spent three years researching her book ‘Screening Sandy Hook’, to uncover to what extent the pharmaceutical industry has come to dominate American society, the government, and in many ways large segments of the media.

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Very special guest Deanna Spingola
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with Adam Smith and Nick Mason


The Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 104 – Screening Sandy Hook – Deanna Spingola

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