Metal Gear – Legacy of the Patriots

Created in 1987, Konami’s Metal Gear series not only developed a new genre of video game with its incorporation of ‘tactics’ and ‘espionage’, it arguably transcended the entire video game category in its later iterations into the art, film and soap opera genres. Touching upon the human themes of duty, honor, and loyalty with the subjects of war, shadow governments, and technology, the series arguably captures more heavy political content in a single game than many academic scholars do in a lifetime. With the departure of creator Hideo Kojima, in the vein of Big Boss, who said the “best soldiers are useless without a war to fight,” perhaps the best franchises are useless without their original founders, whose creative vision is indelibly linked to the original art.

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The Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 150 – Metal Gear – Legacy of the Patriots

— References —

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  1. Earl Shetland says:

    Once again the show returns to my happy place!

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  2. get more guys you may not agree with.all the way Get Kieth Preston. I know you hate agorists, but get them too.


  3. James Bromfield says:

    Could i get the name of the track played at the end of the podcast please? The piano music.


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