Citizen Kane – After Dark

Hailed by many as the greatest American movie ever made, Orson Welles’ debut film is a technical and artistic triumph, showcasing his acting ability and creative vision. As a commentary on great wealth and media power as a vehicle to high society, but not to close relationships, ‘Citizen Kane’ set the standard and remains a timeless classic. After giving an update on our society’s current bizarre relationship with media spin and mob behavior, we delve into our takes in this After Dark episode on whether we personally found a connection with the themes of the film and the main character himself.


Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 174 – Citizen Kane – After Dark

— References —

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Earl Shetland says:

    Please don’t spoil what Rosebud is.


  2. Gray says:

    Great show, always appreciate the shows covering flims / books you guys always give great recommendations. Just watched the newest Dragon Ball Z Super movie, thought it was pretty good but I doubt it’s going down as a cinematic classic.


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