The Way Life Should Be – The Globalists Demographic War on America

Ever since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990 and Francis Fukuyama declaring the ‘End of History’ with the ascendancy of the ‘Washington Consensus’, America has led the charge of globalization as a means of expanding and solidifying its empire. In theory, this means the general ‘liberalization’ of political systems, favoring democracies over authoritarian regimes, and reductions in restrictions on trade, capital, and labor. In practice, this has meant violent overthrows of dissident regimes, wholesale liquidation of industry from first world countries to cheaper overseas locations to benefit oligarchic business, and the importation of cheap immigrant labor and voter bases hostile to native populations. Tonight John Q. Publius joins us to talk about his new book detailing this process in America, with special focus on Maine, where the globalist agenda has just started to take its hold after rampaging throughout much of the more populated areas of the country and the world.

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Very special guest John Q. Publius @AnatomicallyOK

New Book –


Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 175 – The Way Life Should Be – The Globalists Demographic War on America

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Adi says:

    I love John Q’s work. I barely hit “play” before I bought his book. I’m sure it’ll be a tough black pill to swallow. Mazel tov, on the new book, Johnny Q!


  2. ftd says:

    Great episode, gents! Very interesting. I didn’t know the occupy movement started in Canada.

    Turns out Adbusters magazine in Vancouver was where the idea started. Fitting that a movement upset about wealth inequality and redistribution started in Vancouver, a city with some of the most inaccessible real estate values in the world.

    Found your podcast after Social Matter disappeared. Outstanding work through and through. I should visit Maine and New England one day. Sounds a lot like rural Quebec and New Brunswick.

    Quebec separatism and Quebec in general would make a good episode(s).


  3. ftd says:

    The underlying reasons for the placement programs are sinister for sure. I read about rhe program in Lewiston, what a mess. It’s not like tons of unemployed cardiologists, skilled farmers tradesmen and folks with other desirable skills are being relocated. A total drain on the local economy. The same thing is happening up north but fully funded by the feds :

    Because Chicoutimi, Prince Albert and Watson Lake won’t survive without tropical vibrancy…..


  4. Sterling says:

    Glad to have found this podcast. Curious what the outro song is? Conventional searching doesn’t come up with much.


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