Cody Wilson – Defense Distributed

Described as a “praxis against American mono thought”, Cody Wilson’s work at Defense Distributed, which designs and builds machines that allow you to design and build implements of defense, has been an integral part of the modern conversation on the right and means to bear arms. Wilson himself has long held an interest in civic discourse, serving as student class president in high school and college, and before dropping out of law school, was on course for a noted, yet still normal, middle class life. This all began to change for Cody when he discovered, through embracing one of the very fundamental principles of American culture and constitutional law in the 2nd amendment, that the American Empire, in its drive to dominate, is very different in practice than the original spirit of the founding documents of the Republic. Freedom, justice, and liberty for all no longer seems to apply – if it ever did. But the one great lesson Cody’s experience may remind us is that in order to enjoy such virtues, one must always stand ready to defend them.

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Very special guest Cody Wilson

Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 209 – Cody Wilson – Defense Distributed

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  1. Joe Shmoe says:

    Thanks for another good episode, thanks so much. Some of this went over my head – I know absolutely nothing about 3D printing but I might have to learn! It is becoming too expensive for the average American to own and maintain firearm skills. Just going through a few hundred rounds a month will practically break the bank. I was just at a gun show, didn’t notice any of the manuals. I’ll have to keep my eye out for them in the future.

    Really interesting discussion. Self-pity can be a drug and it can lead to addictions. Lifting has been the release for me. The amount of untapped potential in America is mind boggling. Many of the potential best and brightest are ODing or living neet lives. Just from a standpoint of competence, this empire is retarded, as you on the show have noted many times. America has to be the most culturally subverted society ever.

    My boomer parents have also basically given up on the “mainstream” and acknowledged we’re screwed. We are indeed defeated and occupied. The normies didn’t figure it out until Trump was railroaded for suggesting minor reforms. My mom said to me recently “you’re right, everything is fake and gay.” The dystopia is here. As you mentioned in the trans episode, they are playing an all or nothing game.


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