Fire on the Water – After Dark

Returning from a brief hiatus, we wanted to cover some of the more significant developments in recent weeks, including the latest attempts to get us to take the vaccine, PATCON 2.0, war in the Middle East, and a massive continuation of the consolidation we’ve seen in the financial markets. More of the same, perhaps, but the accelerator pedal seems to have gotten pushed down a bit harder. Enjoy the ride.



Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 217 – Fire on the Water – After Dark

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  1. Joe Shmoe says:

    I was working my way toward gomad when I was hitting the weights heavy. I got up to about half a gallon a day. Stopped for a number of reasons, but very interested in this topic. My redneck grandpa still drinks milk with every meal. A lot of the older folks do.

    The death of small farming is something you could definitely perceive but to actually hear the stats Hans read is pretty disheartening.

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  2. Cthulhu says:

    North American whites only hope is our brothers in Western Europe. The American empire is falling as we speak but the powers that be will still have enough sway here to make our lives hell. We need support from our brothers and our best bet is for Western Europe to be our safe space. Hopefully NATO disintigrates sooner than later, and the Europeans forgive us for the last 80 years.

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  3. Locust Post says:

    A show on the dairy industry would be great as it is a vital product to many, but very controlled and concentrated. One thing to check out is what happened to the Michigan dairy industry in the mid 1960’s. As a little kid I recall seeing news reports of huge numbers of cows being shot and mass buried in big pits. It was big, but ended when PCB’s ended up in the food they fed the dairy cows. Why are dairy cows being fed supplied food and not just out in the pasture eating grass and turning fresh air and sunshine into healthy food?

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    1. Cthulhu says:

      Supposedly it is cheaper to use corn feed than grass but that might be artificial due to the corn subsidy, not to mention if your cow depends on the quality and quantity of grass I see no reason the grass cant be cultivated to be better feed.

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  4. Ray says:

    Oh yes, pleeeaaaseeee do a dairy episode. I’ve been so torn recently on how I feel about it. It’s been a significant part of my diet all my life, and I can’t go two days without meat, either. Of course I cook it myself and don’t go to chain restaurants or anything like that. But on the subject of dairy, I realize how much land it takes up, and I’ve even read quotes from the, uh, “old German leader” where he explains how insane it is how much space it takes up to take care of cattle. He also makes great points about how we shouldn’t eat anything we can’t consume raw. Of course, that applies more to meat than to milk and cheese and such.
    Btw, I usually hate current events, but somehow you guys make it so enjoyable. Whether it’s historical topics or current events, you guys are my favorite program. I’ve been working my way through the episodes for a couple months and have not even finished 2017 yet! I haven’t taken the time to leave a comment yet until now. I used to watch y’all on BitChute but of course older episodes never play on there, so I was ecstatic when I found this website! I’ve been itchin’ to hear a good perspective on vaccine crap seeing as it’s all over the place, even tho I do my best to avoid anything current. I still use YouTube sometimes, though, so it’s hard to avoid it all. The older episodes of this podcast are so prophetic that sometimes I just have to skip ahead to the more recent episodes!

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  5. SomeNorwegian says:

    I would like a deeper dive on your dairy industry as what you had this far was unknown to me and fairly insane tbh

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