Food Security, Supply and Shortages – with James LaFond


With a spate of recent news stories about fires and other incidents forcing closures of over 20 food processing and distribution centers in the United States, Canada and Europe this year, people have started wondering if there has been a concerted effort to undermine food security in and around the industrialized world. Comparing to previous years, there is a noticeable uptick in incidents, but taken in the broader context of a system consisting of tens of thousands, not just dozens, of functioning facilities, the apparent crisis appears manageable at worst, or highly overblown at best. To help us sort out this confusion, frequent guest and author James LaFond joins us to talk about this potential disruption, as well as the deeper historical roots around food distribution and political control.

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Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 238 – Food Security, Supply and Shortages – with James LaFond

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  1. Honoré de Belzec says:

    James is the GOAT. Love that man to death.

    Thanks for all you do, fellas.


  2. Elmet Ruskin says:

    Found the reddit history from James rather painful to listen to. The idea that the working class in in the 19th century NEVER ate meat is laughable. Likewise the contention that people in the Middle Ages didn’t live last past 23.


  3. C says:

    Mostly enjoyable, as always, but the conspiracy – alt history stuff from James and Nick was incredibly painful. “Cities were built with walls to keep people IN” and the idea that middle class people didn’t eat meat, as well as the idea that most people in the middle ages didn’t live past the age of 23. I mean come on, thats absurd. Also, the contention that the hunter gather Indian populations were better warriors is just as absurd. I mean, if you have infinitely more money, ingenuity and technology than a bunch of tribes of course you are going to pit one against the other, and them slaughter one another than sending in your own people. Which has little to do with the hunter – gatherer vs. agricultural systems. Lafond, you posted cringe.


  4. Borzoi the Poodle says:

    Quit inviting this guy. He’s full of shit.


  5. Throws_Pancake_at_your_face says:

    Shoot the guy that interrupts, and the guy with a stump up his ass. Add more tittles, and keep to a fucking schedule. Also, quit doing podcasts.


  6. Archive Bob says:

    I dont think its all that “make food scarce” more so as a way to replace it with more “sustainable” food like impossible meat and more soy, did I miss that part? Because I listened to it in segments and never heard you guys talk in that direction, might be something to look into, all I see is “Based” food processing plants burning down and most are family owned, sure its sensationalized but there is something happening more often than usual
    Great show as always, James L.F is a Figure out of this time, great respects for the man and for you guys!


  7. LargeinCharge says:

    I love James LaFond but this episode literally brushed the topic of coming food shortages and inflation then moved off into a entire time wasting tangent about European anthropology and ancient history which was just JLF repeating stuff we’ve heard repeatedly.

    The lack of research and knowledge of the panel into what is going on is shocking, even the Head of the Bank of England has said that food prices are going to become apocalyptic. There is so much useful information out there and you lot decided to deride anyone speaking about the issue as “selling something” then talk about utterly irrelevant material.

    You can and should do some research and do better as you’re all capable of it.


  8. Sam J. says:

    To hell with corporate Walgreens. Why put yourself at risk for these evil people. It has nothing to do with manliness at all. People playing batman get shot by the police.


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