2022 Year in Review

Stagflation. Fuel Prices. Shortages. Political Turmoil. War in Europe. Roe V. Wade. Crypto Collapse. Counter-counter culture. Most years have one or two seminal, defining events that set the societal zeitgeist, but in 2022 so many events vied for attention that most people had to take time not only to revaluate what it means for the future, but also simply how to filter out the signal from the noise. Tonight we dive into the year, starting with the Ukrainian conflict, and ending with what might be emerging as an escalating one in Mexico, but in between cover the economic and cultural shakeups that continue to leave shockwaves into 2023.

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Very special guest Borzoi



Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 248 – 2022 Year in Review

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24 Comments Add yours

  1. Eric says:

    Reblogged this on Calculus of Decay .

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Karl says:

    What’s coming then? We have been for 3000 years in this area, now we just die because a guy with a lagging voice says it?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Russ says:

    Sadly Nick’s negativity almost makes this unlistenable. He has some interesting insight on a number of topics, but at his worst, like here, he just shits/ hates on everything.


    1. Karl says:

      Based and redpilled on Reddit Musk though.


  4. G. Fan says:

    Just listened again to the 2021 year in review, gentlemen.
    Five entertaining and edifying hours. And it held up well.
    Then I found this just now. Much appreciated.
    – a grateful fan.


  5. RayFromDallas on Gab says:

    My favorite holiday tradition! These end of year shows are always the best


  6. 40 Lashes Less One says:

    The wind bag who wouldn’t shut up about Elon Musk not being a true South African and how “with a billion dollars I would cleanse California” should be banned from the show. As a donor I’m not going to donate anymore unless he’s booted.


  7. Duke says:

    Was never a huge Borzoi fan but he acquitted himself extremely well here. Used to be a huge Nick fan be he was completely insufferable.

    Not sure if the whole myth20c team working on the same show is the best use of everyone’s talents, frankly. The work you guys have done over the years has been downright transformative for me, but the downward trajectory of this show has been apparent for a minute now and it’s sad to see.

    Maybe a new year is all it’ll take to get some of the old mojo back. Sending my love and best wishes to everyone involved regardless.


  8. PLEB says:

    I realise that this was the year-in-review episode, and that the standards are a bit more lax compared to your usual format, but this was quite unprofessional.

    Adam pretending to be retarded, sending Nick into a death spiral of attempting to illustrate his point by increasingly crude, blunt and inadvisable hyperbole, was embarrassing.

    I don’t know what your personal issues are, but you need to hash them out in private – and not hold your cohosts, guests and listeners hostage to this increasingly gay, passive aggressive nonsense.


  9. Jager says:

    I look forward to these end of the year review episodes. Perhaps adding James Lafond next year would help perk Nick up so they can flesh out the Mad Max hellscape we’re headed to with some levity.


    1. Jager says:

      To add to my previous comment – I’m not upset that this episode turned out the way it does. I expect a “burn it all down” approach from Nick and I wonder if those complaining have not been paying attention to him over the years.


      1. Duke says:

        I can only speak for myself, but my issue isn’t Nick’s viewpoint – historically, he’s actually the one I’ve agreed with the most – it’s with the way he was a drunk asshole for 4 hours.


  10. J. Maple says:

    Johnny Maple


  11. Johnny Maple says:

    As a denizen of the northern mining zone you referred to, seems like I haven’t figured out how to use the comment section… But just let me say gentlemen with respect to this sprawling and in its own way magnificent thing you have recorded again for us this year: thank you.
    I appreciate it all – the looser format, the repartee, all the insights over these five hours, and over the thousand or so hours that you have offered us over almost seven years. Keep going. My thanks and my best wishes to all of you and to all Myth listeners for the very best for 2023.


  12. Anon says:

    People are complaining about the Musk debate. It got a little out of hand but it was interesting to have two cohosts with such different takes on the man.

    Also Nick brought up the film 9th company, it’s a fantastic film I’d recommend to any listener. Happy New Years gentlemen.


  13. Stugg says:

    I’m with Nick. Fuck Musk, fuck doctors and fuck America. People should be shamed for their copes, it’s all coming down and people shouldn’t waste their hopes on anything but surviving the oncoming wasteland.


  14. Diversity Trainee says:

    God bless all of you guys, Hank, Hans, and Nick. Keep up the great work. Loved the show, as usual. Looking forward to many more episodes in the future.


  15. Nemo says:

    If the Eurasian landmass is a block to shipping lanes, why don’t the Chinese and Russians build airships? Graf Zeppelin circled the Earth and interwar Germany ran a relatively successful airship industry until the Hindenburg disaster in 1936, which in light of how successful the industry had been up to that point may very well have been sabotage.

    In any case, that was done with 1920’s materials science, plastics basically weren’t in existence at that point in time. Using 2020’s materials science fleets of airships could overfly the relatively dry and weather less airspace over Siberia most likely with little trouble. Any points made about shipping lanes which have to take far less direct routes to their destinations would become irrelevant.


    1. Adam Smith says:

      One word: cost. It’s not an engineering problem – it’s an economic one. Sure, it’s possible to build and fly them, but because they’re extremely inefficient compared to a container ship on the ocean, they’d suck up a disproportionate amount of resources from the economy to the detriment of everything else. This is why prices matter and why central planning bureaus ultimately fail to keep up with market economies that emphasize cost consciousness: https://www.quora.com/Why-arent-zeppelins-used-today-as-cargo-transports?share=1


      1. nope says:

        If you consider liberalism the best system ever, by the metrics of liberalism. Then why even play being a dissident? Values, race etc are just in the way of making money for the banks. Let it all burn so big line can go up.


  16. Frank says:

    I love Nick but hate his internet connection and microphone. Yes bring LaFond back on. Excellent takes on Elon and Ye. Should review NJP, Fuentes, others, would love to hear your takes on the Glowies


  17. Joe says:

    I gotta say when I see any Myth20c show that’s over two hours I get pumped. While things got heated at times overall you guys do a great job.
    I will say however I do prefer your old format for year in review shows as by going month by month we all get some great reminders of stories that were blown up to be extremely important that were literally forgotten a month later.
    Thanks for another episode guys. And Adam, I’m still waiting for a pineapple focused episode or at least something looking at the US and its role in Hawaiian/Pacific Islander history.


  18. Torin McCabe says:

    I thought the Elon discussion was EXCELLENT. Nick and Borzoi are looking for a religious hero of the race. And Adam appreciates Elon as an excellent industrialist who has made some non-ZOG moves. Both are true and important perspectives to discuss.


  19. Torin McCabe says:

    I really liked the entire podcast. Nick was a bit hardcore, but to make it we need hardcore men like Nick. And make it we will.


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