Uncle Ted’s Cabin

“Consider first our physical health. We suffer from a range of modern ills that have traditionally been very rare: obesity, cancers, accidental death and injury, deliberate death through high-tech weapons (including handguns) and warfare, global plagues like AIDS. Automobile accidents kill over 40,000 Americans every year, and about 1.3 million people globally-that’s roughly 3,300 people killed every day. Nearly 44% of the American population is medicated. A recent study suggests that 28% of all teenagers suffer chronic headaches, with 40% of these occurring daily. Even the mundane daily computer use that many of us experience imposes its own risks: carpal­ tunnel syndrome, eyestrain, back and joint pain, headache, toxic chemicals on keyboards and monitors, and the general ill health that results from sedentary behavior.”
– Introduction: A Revolutionary for Our Times, Dr. David Skrbina

The Myth of the 20th Century – Ep40 – Uncle Ted’s Cabin

— Timeline —

1942 – Theodore John Kacyznski is born in a small, Polish Catholic neighborhood.
1959 – Participates in psychological study created by Henry Murray, prematurely scarring Ted and creating a lasting impact on his psyche.
1962 – Graduates from Harvard University with a degree in Mathematics.
1969 – Leaves tenure track at Berkeley having earned his PhD in Mathematics, becomes disillusioned with the world of mathematics.
1971 – Purchases property and builds a small cabin just outside of Lincoln, Montana.
1978 – Sends his first bomb to Northwestern University.
1979 – A bomb explodes inside the cargo hold of an American Airlines 727 plane in midair, causing minor smoke inhalation.
1985 – After several bombs ranging from minor combustions to life-threatening explosions, the Unabomber finally succeeds in killing a target. Computer store owner Hugh Scrutton is killed outside of his store’s parking lot.
1987 – The Unabomber is spotted in Salt Lake City, Utah after leaving a bomb at a computer store. Goes silent, fearing detection.
1993 – The Unabomber begins his campaign once again, maiming a genetics professor. Also sends his first letter to the New York Times.
1994 – Thomas Mosser, an advertising executive, is killed by a bomb sent to his home.
1995 – Gilbert Murray, the President of the California Forestry Association, is killed by a bomb send to his home. The WaPo and NYT finally publish the 35,000-word essay “Industrial Society and its Future”.
1996 – Ted Kaczynski is taken into federal custody by the FBI after linguistic analysis grants a warrant for his arrest.
1998 – Ted Kaczynski is sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. DaX says:

    Videos, and metadata, lost to youtube censorship can be recovered on certain archive services



  2. Sam J. says:

    I was listening to this again and realized that Ted’s ideas are nonsense. The reason that triggered this thought was Ted saying people in Amazon tribes are happy. They are not. I read, somewhere , an anthropologist account of Amazon tribes that really left an impression on me. He said that most people wished to live in small tribes of 50 or so people but they could not. The reason being that a big tribe with hundreds of people would come and kill them and enslave them. The big tribe was always run by some serious asshole (read that I perceived this as him being a sociopath or psychopath) and if you tried to leave the big tribe, because he was such an asshole, likely him and his bully boys would come early some morning and you would lose your head. You can’t get away from the asshole psychopaths anywhere.

    So in reality it’s not communism, it’s not technological society, it’s not capitalism it’s the serious assholes who are constantly fucking everything up. In any organization the serious psychopaths and assholes always move up over time because all they want is power. Whatever it takes to get power over others they will do. Anything and once they do they make everyone miserable. If not with their horrible behavior then with their total incompetence. I can’t help but think about Tim Cook at Apple and how he is going to run that baby right into the ground. It will take a while as they have a lot of cash.

    Anonymous Conservative talked about how his narcissistic uncle would spend massive amounts of time making sure that no one else was happy. That it offended him if others were happy so he spent inordinate amounts of time finding ways to make others as miserable as him and if he did…then that was what made him happy.

    Ted was just another narcissistic asshole Jew who wasn’t happy so he decided to blow people up and thought some stupid Talmudic explanation of why this was the right thing to do. It’s not the actual tech that’s the problem it’s the people that control it that is the problem. Reflect on the business practices of some older German family that runs a medium size business and it’s been family run for generations compared to some hedge fund taking over a business and that pretty much sums up the situation.


  3. Sam J. says:

    I wrote the last comment at about 2:30 in the podcast. Immediately after 2:33 Bolshevism was mentioned and that was poo pooed but that’s EXACTLY what it is. It’s the same emotional process. That the idea “structure” is different is irrelevant. It’s the narcissistic “you do as I say” and I will be the big asshole and run things”. He correct it’s Bolshevism.

    This is why Jews are always thrown out of every single place they go to. They can not stand anyone else to be happy and they always want to be the big asshole.

    Ted got money from his family. He was not a subsistence farmer only.


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