Serial Killers and the American Tradition

Serial killers, known throughout history, maintain a unique place in American pop culture, reported on and sensationalized by the media. Tonight we discuss some of the history behind this phenomenon, causal factors, and cultural artifacts that remain with us today.


The Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 110 – Serial Killers and the American Tradition

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  1. lucasfreese says:

    Decent show. The murder of the Otero family, the first attributed to the BTK Killer, had many weird red flags. According to one of the initial investigators, there was so much semen on the scene that it couldn’t have come from just one person. Like David Russell Williams, another military linked “serial killer,” BTK also had strange photos of himself wearing women’s underwear, sometimes while chained up and even buried up to his neck, which implies someone else being present at least for those bizarre activities.

    I would encourage the other hosts, who seem to take the enlightened skepticism route with this topic, to investigate it further. McGowan’s book is worth reading in full and the youtube series inspired by it is worth checking out. Even if it’s not open and shut, there’s definitely more to the story.

    On an unrelated note, Amazon banned the NOI books referenced in the Leo Frank show.


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