James LaFond – Waking Up in Indian Country

If the events of 2020 have had a common theme, it is there is nowhere to hide. If the plague doesn’t get you, the riots will, followed by a helpful dose of economic displacement and firestorms from 20,000 simultaneous lightning strikes as seen in California recently. If this all doesn’t make one believe in a higher power, one at least can concede there are forces at work bigger than ones own control. In ‘Plantation America’, as author and martial artist James LaFond terms it, you were never meant to be in control. Now living from city to city with a backpack and notepad, James has witnessed firsthand how the nation’s already weak social fabric has further unraveled, and gives us advice from years of living in rough parts of town on how to deal with what’s coming to your neighborhood next.

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Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 184 – James LaFond – Waking Up in Indian Country

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  1. Gray says:

    James book ‘The Logic Of Force’ was certainly a lovecraftian experience.


  2. Elwin S says:

    Nick/Hans we all know you’re smart, no need to sperg out on minutiae. Remember W.A.I.T. Why Am I Talking.

    Nick, time to start taking calls from taco bell again, your connection is absolute garbage and detracts from the quality of this fine podcast.


  3. Don Jr. says:

    One of your best podcasts. You guys do a great job, the engineering and sort of primal conflict perspectives you bring to your commentaries on American society adds a great deal to the d.r. discourse. I’ve learned a great deal from you’ll. Hope you keep up the content.


  4. jabowery says:

    Paraphrasing: “Whites get trashed if they try to defend themselves.” & “Whites are pussies for not defending themselves.” & “Cartels are to the US Empire as Germanic tribes were to the Roman Empire.”

    Might I point out the first two assertions require a bit of nuance to reconcile — nuance I did not hear in the interview.

    Moreover, I seriously doubt the Roman cohortes urbanae let alone Praetorian Guard were commanded by their respective authorities to prioritize prosecution of Roman citizens who opposed “guest Germanics” who showed up saying “Wo sind die heißen Mädchen?”

    I believe I pointed out in our interview that such “barbarian invasions” have very different long term consequences depending on the degree of heritable individualism vs collectivism characteristic of said “barbarians”. See W. D. Hamilton’s “Innate Social Aptitudes of Man” for the long term consequences evidenced by repeated cycles of invasion by _northern_ barbarians (ie: virtually all Yamnaya by descent). See KMac’s magnum opus on their heritable individualism:



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