If you believe in (D)emocracy, one typically votes. But if you didn’t – this year, someone else might have voted for you. There has always been election fraud in America, with the political machines of Chicago, New York, and Boston coming to mind, but for a US Presidential Election, 2020, like in other areas of life – may have broken new records.


Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 193 – ELECTION FRAUD

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  1. Gray says:

    I guess they’re also just shutting down right-wing outlets at the same time, as you mentioned Bitchute which you get some pretty good traffic on. Try LBRY btw. You’d need to get hosting for peertube. Never ceases to amaze me how many people will believe a narrative because it’s on TV, not sure anything could ever convince them no matter how obvious, considering how naive people seem to be now. Hope Nicks wood shack doesn’t fall down in the storm.

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  2. Joe Shmoe says:

    Thanks so much for this guys, appreciate your work as always.

    Trump improved his share in Ohio especially in NEO, notably flipping Mahoning county (Youngstown). Even the shills at Fox News took note of this. It’s inexplicable he’d lose Pennsylvania when he knocked it out of the park in Ohio with his key demographic. They’re the same fricking people.

    In the end, in the very best case for the establishment, this turns into a Pyrrhic victory. This is Vietnam War-esque “we had to destroy the system to save the system.” Literally tens of millions of Americans are being radicalized against it in real time. Trump’s rallies in the end will be a show of legitimacy just as much as they were get out the vote efforts.

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    1. Joe shmoe says:

      To follow up on this previous comment, I am seeing fed posting from normies that was previously inconceivable. Stuff we would never say because we obviously know better. My take is: if the significant infrastructure and influence of Con. inc can be thrown behind Trump he has a good shot of winning this thing in the courts. This is where public pressure and “muh democracy” can actually make a difference. And if it doesn’t 70 million people lose faith in the system.

      The question is would Trump escalate if the courts railroaded him?

      Ps I agree with hank about Waylon and Willie


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