2021 – Year in Review

In terms of sheer drama and trauma, few years in recent memory compare to 2020, with the CoViD scare and BLM riots reaching worldwide. In 2021, by comparison, the past year was really more a continuation and consolidation of the last, as the Kyle Rittenhouse trial came to a surprising end, and the power elite and the Biden administration implemented its policies clamping down on the remnants of the Trump movement. Globally the CoViD lockdowns continue apace, affecting countries in Europe and parts of the Anglosphere such as Australia and Canada much more harshly than elsewhere, but signs of protest have been seen as well. As American geopolitical power further wanes as evidenced by several naval disasters and the complete bungling of the Afghanistan withdrawal – with a President at the helm who rivals Boris Yeltsin for his ineptitude – the world moves on, increasingly viewing the American empire less with awe and admiration and more with disinterest and fatigue. For those of us seeking a renewal of the North American Continent and the broader cultures of the world, this time may bring us that much closer to the inevitable demolition and subsequent rebirth.

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Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 231 – 2021 Year in Review

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  1. Hank B says:

    Germany’s neoliberal leadership likes US troops because it allows them to continue to maintain the Bundeswehr as a glorified fat camp.
    Every few years they find a stalhelm” in a unit closet or some shit and use it as an excuse to kick out a large number of KSK and falschirm guys (elite, largely right wing units).
    They’re afraid to ever have a powerful military because a charismatic General might start getting ideas.

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    1. Cthulhu says:

      Europe is an occupied continent (Brits don’t get out of this because muh Dover Straights make us an island) and for the allied nations it is pretty pathetic. France was a decaying oligarchy 300 years ago and has only managed to limp it’s way around the grave because it was convenient for England to use against the Germans. England is pathetic because it destroyed it’s empire and much of it’s sovereignty having a bitch fit over Germany uniting and out competing it.

      Germany is in a sad state but at least it got there through an unprecedented level of ethnic cleaning and brain washing. All the allies got is “look how great we are for stopping le holocaust” while the very people from which those countries were born are displaced by foreigners and used for medical experiments.


  2. amalekite says:

    Re Portland, I lived there for a time not long ago. It is (was?) relatively safe compared to many cities, but only relatively. They have a sizable black population, and like everywhere on the west coast a large Latino contingent, though it’s less noticeable. Everyone is on drugs. Meth, heroin, fentanyl dominate the street scene. The homeless are everywhere, often in throngs numbering in the hundreds. The cops have a hands off policy. It really was only a matter of time before it went the way of San Francisco.


  3. amalekite says:

    I got to thinking a bit about Texas grid failure. A while back I had listen to a podcast where to guests were talking about problems with renewables and one of them is that they fluctuate wildly in productivity (which you all of course already know). At face value this seems only like a dependability issue, but the problem is that fluctuating energy (fluctuating cost of anything) is really good for trading. Based as they may be on Covid, Texas and Florida and our big centers for energy trading, because they are “friendly to business” in the Milton Friedman sense. I’ve seen this firsthand in Florida and have read it was a big reason behind all the deregulation in Texas. Just say, production will adapt to the market, and if instability becomes profitable, One can imagine the potential problems. I couldn’t find any articles directly tying the Texas shitshow to that but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a big part of it.


  4. Texas only lost power because they haven’t been CUTTING BACK THE TREES NEAR POWERLINES! It was never about renewable energy gone wrong! That was the cover story so people wouldn’t demand an investigation as to why the TREE TRIMMING money was being pocketed by corrupt local politicians for 40 years! Oak trees don’t like cold. They fall down in a cold snap, taking out the power! I thought you guys were supposed to be smart.


  5. Anon says:

    Great episode; you guys did exhaustive work in documenting all this – much appreciated. I agree with Nick’s measured optimism.


  6. Shoomadeekno says:

    Read this, and get a new show up. I’m tired of waiting on you. CHOP-CHOP!



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