The Fall of Kabul

As the US officially draws down its presence in Afghanistan, the Taliban has wasted no time in reclaiming territory, forcing the American military to send in 5,000 marines to defend its Kabul embassy from becoming overrun. Meanwhile, the domestic war on ‘vaccine hesitants’ has brought about even more draconian measures on travel and employment. Tonight the full crew comes together to discuss the ever present reminders that great power, corruption and incompetence are lethal combinations.

Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 222 – The Fall of Kabul

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  1. Myth20c-respecter says:

    Awwww yeah. My favorite shadowy crew is back. Been waiting for this take on Afghanistan.

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  2. Cthulhu says:

    The fall of Kabul might be the last foreign adventure of zog, in fact I think it is. Israel made a bunch of noise recently with their “tanker hijacking” bullshit, but the U.S. appear to have turned them down. Iran and the Shia Crescent have the strongest hold up to the Near East, Afganistan is now the Islamic Emirate of Afganistan, and Syria is hanging on. Only problem area in the mid and near east is Lebanon, and America isnt going to stick it’s nose in there either.

    Read these words: America is leaving Israel surrounded!

    (And here I had to insert a paragraph, because I got ahead of myself. Lukashenko is still in charge of Belarus, and it seems if he is to leave, somebody more Russia friendly might take his place. Meanwhile, Azov veterans just held protests against Zelensky in West Ukraine, and western Europe is being gripped by protests against to vaccine passes.)

    ZOG is in complete crisis right now, they wouldn’t leave Israel out to dry for any other reason. The Cuban protests didn’t stick, so no opium farming there (I assume that it is a decent climate for it). Other throw-it-at-the-wall-till-it-sticks rioting throughout the world likely on behalf of ZOG also seems to have failed, other than Thailand which simply isn’t over yet so can’t be called.

    The great retreat has begun. The war on terror will come to the states, but ZOG will be operating with diminished resources. Even if the dollar doesn’t fall soon, it looks like the CIA might not be getting as much drug money as it is accustomed to, they might have to go back to getting their money direct from the fedgov, which means suddenly fedgov needs to split its usual bill more, and would lead to fighting between the various alphabet agencies over the now shuffling scraps. Less opium will be going to white communities in the mean time too, and finally to remind everyone, immigration has diminishing returns, once you make the destination a comparable shithole to the other shitholes, immigration stops.

    ZOG won’t last to the end of this century. Judging by how fast it has deteriorated from 2001 to now, I give it another 20 years and a Chinook will be on top of the Israeli Embassy in DC airlifting these parasites to israel.

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  3. Rush YWNBAW says:

    Can’t wait to listen

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  4. This show was crap. The other show was crap. The show before that was good, and a few others were good. Talk about Bill Ayers at Kent State God damnit, and quit being such lazy fucks on the schedule. I pay zero dollars for this podcast and I demand service!

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  6. bannedhipster says:

    Hank Oslo was particularly good in this one. He got these State flunkies dead to rights. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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  7. Mason Stevens says:

    Yall crack me up sometimes when I least expect it, like with the “drop 30 million on a person and that would kill em” part.

    Also, with how gay and unoriginal Hollywood has gotten, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get “9/11 Part 2” as a justification for some future conflict.

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  8. Okhams Chainsaw says:

    Well done again gentlemen, well done. This is the first episode in a long while that I had to, on multiple occasions, pause and walk away because I was fuming.

    Not because of our hosts or the jovial spirit but because of the actual gravity and reality of what just happened. All brought to us with the irony and brutal vivisection that we’ve come to love and expect.

    These last few days have been rough as I’ve had friends and friends of friends trapped and trying to get out of Kabul and this was the icing on the cake .

    We’re not nearly angry enough.

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  9. B.Joe says:

    20 years without Taliban ruling the country has not been perfect for the country with the Afghan Government and their military still struggling to keep the Taliban in check.

    However, there has been a tremendous development in human rights, access to education and technology and improvement of lifestyle. When I was there in 2007, one of the things that was much appreciated was for women to get higher education and better jobs with many mainstream industries such as banks. They even opened the cinema when I was there. Life was still hard but many Afghans were happy nonetheless to get on with life without the Taliban and their strict enforcement of false morality.

    Now the whole thing has all gone down the drain.

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  10. Yockey Jockey says:

    😦 MFW no link to funko-pops in the show notes.

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  11. Earl Shetland says:

    Anthrax? Pornography? Guys I think bin Laden was a Freemason.

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  12. Mason Stevens says:

    Unrelated but does anyone know what ever happened to The Darwin Digest? The only place they have episodes is on archive and it ends abruptly in 2018… I’ve been dying to know what happened. All of their accounts and webpages across the internet just shut down all at once…

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  13. Fucking hurry up with a new episode! I know you don’t get paid for this but I’m fucking asshole, and I need you to fucking CHOP CHOP on this shit!

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